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Aubrey O’Day parties at Rehab Las Vegas with her dogs

June 18, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Former Celebrity Apprentice finalist Aubrey O’Day parties at Rehab Las Vegas with her dogs.  Yes with her dogs!

Aubrey was the special guest host yesterday at Rehab Vegas at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. She was dressed in a one price bathing suit which doesn’t sound too sexy I know.  This one-piece though had her spilling out all over the place so I am sure the guys, and perhaps some of the gals, enjoyed the show.

Her hair is back to blonde so I think she looks better.  She looked and sounded really friggin’ annoying as a redhead.  Blonde definitely suits her better and makes her a bit more palatable.

Some are saying that the animal print sort of one-piece bathing suit wasn’t too flattering.  She topped her outfit, if one can call it that, with white sky-high lucite heels. I didn’t think it was too bad.  After all, it’s Vegas!

Now she wouldn’t be Audrey O’Day if she wasn’t annoying right? –  so not to disappoint us, she made her dogs wear bikinis.  How mean! You can see how pathetic they look and probably feel here.  Just seeing that reminds me of Paris Hilton, who should not be allowed to have any pets. They were BFF’s at one time – however briefly so maybe that’s where O’Day got the whole pets idea.

aubrey oday rehab bikini  113x300 Aubrey ODay parties at Rehab Las Vegas with her dogsThe disgraced former Danity Kane singer who Diddy was fed up with, doesn’t really appear to have any talent (hey is she related to the Kardashians), earned her keep by rolling around with a few guys and kissing a gal in the pool.  She is a great self-promoter though and makes a nice living flashing her assets in Vegas every few months.

You can check out more pictures of Aubrey O’day here.

Thank God she didn’t win the Celebrity Apprentice!


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 Aubrey ODay parties at Rehab Las Vegas with her dogs