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Celebrity cheapskates : Bad Las Vegas tippers

February 17, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Meg Ryan Celebrity cheapskates : Bad Las Vegas tippersIn Las Vegas, celebrities are treated very well.

You may think that they all throw their money around and tip lavishly but that’s not always the case.

Some celebrities visiting Las Vegas are great tippers, yet there are also some celebs that are really bad Las Vegas tippers.

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Like Meg Ryan who was with a friend having lunch at a well-known restaurant, gaming arcade and bar.  Even though she looks totally different since her plastic surgery she was recognized. In customary Vegas style, the $22 lunch tab for the two salads she and her companion ordered was comped. Just because that’s how it’s done in Vegas.  She left a $2 tip. TWO DOLLARS.

Other bad Las Vegas tippers include movie star Joe Pesci. Famous for his tough-guy roles, the pint-sized actor was gambling in one of the higher end casinos on the Las Vegas strip.  He was playing $5 slots and won a jackpot of a few thousand dollars.

Joe Pesci wearing hat Celebrity cheapskates : Bad Las Vegas tippersFirst, he tried to convince the slot attendant to complete the required taxable paperwork for the jackpot in a friends name that was with him.  The slot attendant, bound by regulatory requirements, refused because it was evident that Pesci was the one who won and even checked Surveillance footage which clearly showed Pesci hitting the jackpot. How much did he tip?. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.  Perhaps he was miffed because the employee would not break the law for him? At least when he once ordered a Blizzard at a Dairy Queen, he let the attendant keep the change from a $10 bill on a $2 purchase.

A MEGA female celebrity visiting Las Vegas for the weekend not too long ago was accompanied by a large entourage. Her personal minions were designated to speak for her since she, “does not deal with hotel staff”.

These little minions were quite power happy and very vocal in making sure the starlet’s demands were met. Some of the demands included  installing a specific type of toilet seat and two sets of new bedding, one new set for each night her bum touched the sheets. Both purchases were quite expensive. According to our sources connected with the hotel, the demands were met. How much did this sweetheart tip the hotel staff.  NOTHING.

Mariah Carey and Britney Spears have both been accused of being bad Las Vegas tippers.

Mariah Carey once had her people call ahead to a pricey Las Vegas restaurant to inform that she would be gracing them with her presence, along with a large group of people. The restaurant stayed open late just to accommodate her. Mariah and her group were said to be very demanding. We’d like to believe it was a simple oversight, however no one left a tip. Note to restaurant, always add in an automatic gratuity for parties of 4 or more.

Britney Spears reportedly dined at a Vegas restaurant for lunch and wanted Starbucks coffee. She asked the waiter to scurry across the street and get it for her, and he happily obliged. She reportedly didn’t tip him or even reimburse him for her coffee. That was before she was medicated so let’s hope her failure to tip was because she was just not in her right mind and forgot.

When celebrities visit Las Vegas, more often than not, their lavish suites are completely free, they are chauffeured by Limo to wherever they want to go, their lavish on-the-whim purchases are often reimbursed and all of their expensive meals are completely free. Sometimes they even receive a very expensive parting gift.

And if the celebrity is making a two to five minute appearance at one of the nightclubs they even can pick up a few hundred grand, depending on their star power. The B -Listers and C-Listers, can even receive up to $25,000.

What a life!

We know that celebrities are only morally required to leave the standard 20 percent tip, (yes 20 percent not 15 percent), for services they receive, most which they usually receive for free,  but really a $2 tip or no tip is just sickening.

 Celebrity cheapskates : Bad Las Vegas tippers
  • Tintin

    Ryan hasn’t been to Vegas in many years, and a 10% tip is more than enough in my book, it’s even too much when service is bad. Grow up! Just because people are rich, does not mean they have to tip big for bad service!

    • celebrityfeast

      Ten percent is an awful tip. Not sure what planet you are from. Yes, it’s been awhile for Meg and she was and probably still is an extremely poor tipper. Celebrities do not need to give away the house although they should leave a decent tip. Their careers were made by the people who watch their films, buy their records – – etc and there is no reason for them to leave a poor tip or no tip at all. They get enough for free!