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Chris Brown unable to control his anger

February 15, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Chris Brown civil lawsuit Chris Brown unable to control his anger

It seems liek there is never ending legal problems for rapper Chris Brown. (Photo: TheJuice107.3)

Looks like there are more legal problems on the horizon for Chris Brown.

This time, it’s for an incident that allegedly occurred last July at, of all places, a 24-Hour Fitness.

Celebrities do get their fair share of untrue legal filings against them simply because there are a lot of people that will file lawsuits against celebrities just to receive a payday. And, more often than you know about, there are many celebrities that simply pay up just to make it all go away.

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The guy says his team tried to negotiate privately with Brown’s team but could not come to terms.

Mr. Angry Chris Brown

You’d have to live under a rock somewhere to not recognize that Brown has severe anger management problems.

Brown’s latest alleged criminal act allegedly occurred on July 29, 2013 and Ausbon has filed a civil lawsuit against the entertainer, who has become more famous for bashing Rihanna’s face in than his own career accomplishments.

Ausbon says that Chris Brown freaked out during a basketball game, yes a basketball game, when he called a foul on Brown.

He says Brown disputed it and was quite angry.

Brown allegedly told him he was a member of the Bloods street gang, and then Brown and three members of his entourage, beat the holy crap out of him.

Ausbon says that ended up in the emergency room and suffered numerous injuries.

He’s suing for medical bills and numerous other items relating to the stress and injuries he suffered.

Brown is being represented by criminal lawyer Mark Geragos.

Chris Brown faces even more legal issues

It seems that the rapper has been regularly involved in fight.  He has already pleaded not guilty to breaking a man’s nose on Oct. 27, during a fight over a photo near the White House.

In California, he is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 28, to determine if more actions will be taken in the nose breaking matter since his probation. That incident violated the probation for beating up Rihanna.

The once adorable cutie who could dance like nobody’s business seems to have turned out to be just another thug with money. Sad.

 Chris Brown unable to control his anger