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former NFL superstar Darren Sharper charged with drugging, raping multiple women

February 14, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Darren Sharper rape allegations former NFL superstar Darren Sharper charged with drugging, raping multiple women

Darren Sharper is facing serious sexual assault charges including rape.

Daren Sharper has been charged with drugging and raping two women, but, from the looks of it, there may be many more female victims out there.

Currently Sharper faces two counts of rape and five other drug charges in connection with two incidents that occurred in October and January.

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The first incident Sharper is accused of occurred on Oct. 30, 2013. He met two women at Bootsy Bellows nightclub and invited them to another party.  He said he need to stop at his hotel room first and the women willingly accompanied him.

Once there, he gave them each a shot of alcohol and they passed out. One women woke up to Sharper sexually assaulting her and the other woman woke up and “interrupted his actions”.

The second incident that he has been charged with occurred on Jan. 14.  Again he picked his victims up at Bootsy Bellows where he was able to get both women to go to his room. He gave them a drink and they passed out.  Both of those victims sought medical assistance.

Let me make this clear. Rape is rape and it is completely illegal and unacceptable. With that said, it is completely asinine for women to go off with a strange man or men, especially to a hotel room or to their home.  Even if the guy is a celebrity or should I say, especially if he is a celebrity.  Sexual deviants seem to have a knack for acting “normal” and women need to better protect themselves.

Someone who drugs women to have sex with them is one sick puppy. That type of behavior is usually not a one-time thing.  Rather, the behavior of the rapist escalates.

Shaper is accused of using Ambien and Morphine to knock out his victims.

Not surprisingly, there are sexual assault allegations made against Sharper in other cities, including Las Vegas, that may result in additional charges.

Darren Sharper may have raped women in other cities

Shaper is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on Sept. 22 in New Orleans. The victim allegedly met Sharper at an event for the New Orleans Saints.  She said she remembers having a drink that was provided by Sharper, indicating that she too, likely went with him to his room.

She passed out and woke up to Sharper sexually assaulting her. After an internal examination at a hospital, Sharper’s DNA was found. No charges were filed in that case, although the investigation remains open.

Darren Sharper sexually assaults two women in Tempe, Ariz.

On Nov. 20, Sharper went with two women to a nightclub in Tempe, Ariz. One of the women began to act strangely, presumably because she had been drugged.  Her friends took her home and, apparently Sharper went with the group .

At the home, Sharper provided the women, three in total, with shots of alcohol and they all passed out. One woman claims to have been semi-coherent and said she saw Sharper having sex with one of her friends. Another woke up naked.  All three women sought medical attention and one of the cups they drank out of was tested.  Traces of the drug ambien was found.

Darren Sharper sexually assaults women in Las Vegas hotel suite

On Jan. 15, the day after he raped the women at Bootsy Bellows, Shaper was in Las Vegas. There he met two women and a man and, apparently, again easily convinced the group to go up to his suite. Using his tried and true MO, he provided shots for the group and they all passed out.

One woman said she awoke to find herself in bed with Sharper.  She says she got up to use the restroom and noticed bruising on her face and returned to bed and fell back asleep.  When she woke up again Sharper asked her how she felt, claiming that she was ill the night before and then offered her a drink to make her feel better.

The woman took a few sips and then remembers Sharper sexually assaulting her.  The other women woke up and felt like she was assaulted.  The man, appeared to have been in a drug-induced fog and says he remembers sitting by himself at the hotel bar.

Las Vegas Metro police say the sexual assault allegations are being investigated.

It seems pretty clear that Darren Sharper is a degenerate sexual deviant who takes advantage of women. Hopefully, other women that have been assaulted will come forward and Sharper will be put away for a long, long time.

Women should be very careful when partying. There are far too many women who will just go off with a guy if he is flashing a wad of cash. Date rape occurs all the time.  Ladies don’t put yourself in the position to be taken advantage of by scumbags like Sharper.

Sharper has been charged with two counts of rape and five other drug charges in connection with the two separate sexual assaults that occurred in October and January.

Amazingly, and likely because he has money, he is free on bail and has been ordered to stay away from Bootsy Bellows.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 20.

 former NFL superstar Darren Sharper charged with drugging, raping multiple women