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Jenna Jameson quiet after DUI bust

May 28, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Jenna Jameson, the former Queen of Porn has been very quiet since her recent DUI bust in California.  Jameson’s twitter account, usually abuzz with activity, has thus far had no tweets from her although she has been trending in twitter searches.

Perhaps she is embarrassed and just tying to lay low.

I know we all usually refer to her as a former porn queen and i guess that it’s sort of true but in reality she is still is quite involved in the adult entertainment industry  Her Club Jenna site is pretty popular and if anyone needs a Jenna fix, that is a great place to go. She just doesn’t make any movies for now.

The Las Vegas native who struggled through a myriad of drug abuse problems numerous times in the past.

This time around she allegedly drove in to a pole.  No – not that kind.  She apparently was pretty drunk or on something. Not too surprisingly she flunked the field sobriety test and was held for misdemeanor suspicion of DUI.  Thankfully Jenna Jameson only  suffered really minor injuries but she refused medical treatment. A funny aside was that she was apparently heard  muttering, “I’m Jenna Jameson“.  Too Too funny. Like that would prevent you from getting busted.

I mean maybe if you were speeding and were stopped by a police officer who happened to also be a fan, you might get a break.  But driving in to a light pole.  No deal. You gotta face the music.

At least she didn’t leave the scene of the accident. like some other celebrities who get busted.

Jameson, no stranger to the law was involved in a domestic incident a year ago when charges were filed and subsequently dropped against on-again off-again, baby daddy and UFC fighter, Tito Ortiz..

There is an upside to all of this.She was arrested in the very friendly state of California. So in a way she’s lucky.