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Joe Francis insists murder plot was real

September 06, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Joe Francis insists murder plot was real

122x150 Joe Francis insists murder plot was real

Steve Wynn and wife Andrea Hissom (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Joe Francis, the disgraced one-time popular Girls Gone Wild creator, has been in court, with Casino Mogul Steve no less.

Steve Wynn the widely respected Casino Executive at Wynn Resorts has been locked in a battle with Francis over markers, in essence credit, to the tune of  nearly $2 million that the Girls Gone Wild creator defaulted on.

The two have been locked in a years long battle with numerous lawsuits and Steve Wynn was recently awarded $7.5 million in a defamation lawsuit over those claims, a sum he will likely never receive because Francis damnaged Wynn’s name.

Regarding that loss, Francis told TMZ, “Even if this order stands, it will only be a small offset from the 10’s of millions of dollars that we are requesting from Steve Wynn in another lawsuit — in a less Wynn-friendly courtroom.”

Francis has been saying that Wynn threatened to kill him, more than once and – – – and he says that Quincy Jones knows about it.

116x150 Joe Francis insists murder plot was real

Joe Francis (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Steve Wynn, of course, is vehemently denying those claims. He pointed out that due to all the heavy gaming regulations and appointments he has received, that he would never be allowed to run a casino if he made threats. He said, ” It would be a singularly self-destructive, incredibly, incredibly stupid”.

Steve Wynn Joe Francis court battle continues

Francis’ team even admitted an old interview into evidence in which Wynn allegedly threatens the interviewer,.  Wynn said the interview was nearly 30 years old and that he was simply joking.

300px Quincy Jones 2007 Joe Francis insists murder plot was real

Quincy Jones (Photo by Glenn Francis of Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quincy Jones, who seems like such an unlikely player in the saga between Francis and Wynn is involved in the fracas because Francis and Jones are neighbors.

Jones took the stand today in the latest court battle and  when asked about the claims that Francis made such as that Steve Wynn was “old Vegas” – – which is true btw and that he  was capable of having him harmed because “he doesn’t play” – – also true but highly unlikely, the legendary music mogul said that is sounded like a line from the movie, “Scarface”.

Francis was alleging that Jones is the one who received the emails from Wynn threatening his life and that Francis only got a glimpse of the emails because he was standing over Quincy’s shoulder but they were all in CPS and threatening.

Quincy Jones sure knows the Las Vegas rules when he stated, “If you lose the money, you pay the money”

Francis,  is also suing Wynn in three other lawsuits currently pending –for alleged forged documents, fraud and defamation

The battle continues – – –


 Joe Francis insists murder plot was real