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Joe Francis Steve Wynn battle, Francis must pay $10 million

September 10, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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JoeFrancisCrop Joe Francis Steve Wynn battle, Francis must pay $10 million

Joe Francis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joe Francis Steve Wynn battle

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis lost big time today against the much loved Las Vegas icon and Casino Mogul Steve Wynn.

It all started over a battle over markers – a form of casino credit – to the tune of nearly $2 million that Francis defaulted on.

If you take out a marker, win or lose, you are still liable to pay off the marker.

There have been numerous lawsuits filed back and forth between the two and Steve Wynn has already been awarded $7.5 million, in a prior ruling, for damaging Wynn’s name.

Steve Wynn Victorious again

The casino mogul can now add at least $20 million to that. Possibly much more.

Joe Francis is claiming and has been claiming that Steve Wynn threatened his life after he failed to pay the markers off.

He sounded off to reporters and on TV, pretty much he sounded off to anyone would listen and that is what landed him in even more hot water.

Joe Francis even got his next door neighbor, the legendary Quincy Jones involved saying that Wynn mailed these frightening emails, allegedly to Quincy Jones and that Francis saw them.

Quincy even testified and denied it all.

Joe Francis must pay $10 million to casino mogul

109x150 Joe Francis Steve Wynn battle, Francis must pay $10 million

Joe Francis (L) & Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steve Hirsch January 21, 2012 in Las Vegas (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Francis who still managed to hold on to his fortune, even after doing time for tax evasion, is according to TMZ worth at least a not so shabby $150 million.

The jury now get to decide if Francis will will be liable for punitive damaged as well and those punitive damages could be as much as $60 million!!!

Surely it will take awhile, with all the lawsuits, counter lawsuits and expected appeals but once Steve Wynn collects all that doh, he will likely do more some good.

The man regularly donates millions of dollars to the community and other worthy causes.

With all that money he’s got, why didn’t Joe Francis simply pay off his markers in the first place?

He could have avoided all of this nonsense that ultimately is going to cost him a substantial part of his fortune.

Steve Wynn no doubt is pleased that his stellar reputation remains in tact!

It’s apparent that Francis ain’t no match for Steve Wynn!

 Joe Francis Steve Wynn battle, Francis must pay $10 million