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Kanye West rants, then releases “positivity statement”

February 16, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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We’ve lost count on how many times Kanye West has gone off on a profanity-laced tirade, and it really makes you wonder, if perhaps smoking too much weed has affected his cognitive abilities.

His latest on-stage rant went off on lots of people, especially radio hosts Sway & Charlamagne Tha God.  Check it out.

Many people seem to think that Kanye West is just another rapper with an overly inflated ego who uses his cash in an attempt to thrust himself into the upper echelons of society, but we beg to differ the ego part of it.

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Psychologists will tell you that many people who continually over-inflate themselves are really insecure. Granted some are just plain sociopaths with absolutely no conscience, but that does not appear to be the case with Kanye West.

He craves acceptance and appears to dwell on incidents when he feels dissed.

kanye west fights with photog Kanye West rants, then releases positivity statement

Kanye West reportedly does not like it when photographers try to talk to him. (Photo:

That’s why he brags so much about what designers he knows or how he and gal, Kim Kardashian, are better than everyone else.  Are they really?  Money can buy your way into many things, but it can’t buy class. That’s why he was so crushed, and is still bothers him ot this day, that the President of the United States referred to him as “a-hole’ more than once.

And that’s why on a previous rant, he tried to say that he and his gal are more popular than President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Puhleeze!

Seriously could you imagine him at an intimate private dinner event with the President, First Lady and other intellectuals? We can’t either.

He and Kim Kardashian are actually a great team because they indulge each other in their self-absorbed strange worlds.

When Kim Kardashian, who travels with bodyguards, was just oh so afraid of a man saying bad words to her, she knows she can call on her thug boyfriend to beat him down. Could you imagine Michelle Obama or her well-educated hubby behaving in a similar fashion before, during or after President Obama’s term?

Of course not.

Michelle Obama would have likely either diffused the situation, or had her bodyguards handle it. In all likelihood she would simply walk away, and would not even have mentioned the incident, at the time, in an effort not to further inflame an awful situation.  That’s class.

Even with her sex tape background, Kim Kardashian is more accepted into mainstream society than Kanye West is, which may be one of the reasons he wants to hang onto her. It might even be due to her extremely savvy PR skills that he issued a “statement of positivity”, although all you educated types know there is no such word.

The statement, which, of course was more about him and his perceived power, was just an attempt to endear him to his fans and try to reverse his dwindling fan base. He said,

 “…. I really feel like y’all are my family…like y’all are in the studio with me. I really feel like I can say anything in front of y’all”.

Did Kanye West convince you that you are an important part of his family?

Read the full Kanye West “Statement of Positivity”

 Kanye West rants, then releases positivity statement