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Killer Karaoke with Steve O

December 01, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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killer karaoke Killer Karaoke with Steve O

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Killer Karaoke with Steve O

Did you see Killer Karaoke with Steve O last night, 11-30-12?

What a horrible show!

I felt like I was watching a horror show.

That some pretty gross stuff on Killer Karaoke with Steve O.

Steve O thought it was funny of course.

Gross things happen to the contestants, really gross, and ,no matter what, they’ve gotta keep singing.

Here’s how it works.

There are 3 groups of 2 that compete and the audience votes and selects one person from each pair to move to the finals.

The 3 winners from each group then compete against other and can win up to $10,000.

There’s tarantulas, attack dogs, shock collars, snakes and more.

Killer Karaoke with Steve O is like survivor but while singing.

Now most of the contestants, nearly all, cannot sing well once the gross stuff starts happening.

You can imagine how hard this must be while all kinds of stuff is happening,

There’s high pitched squeals and screams as they are being made to place their head in a box full of tarantulas or are being dropped into water with 70 snakes.

Except one guy,

Last night there was guy on Killer Karaoke with Steve O named Mike Call.

He’s from Seminole, FL and is a Navy guy,

He had an excellent physique, lots of appeal and was bald.

A real man’s man –  tough as nails.

His task was to wear a bunch of shock collars, and serve Steve O dinner, all while singing his song, Hard To Handle, by Otis Redding.

Let me tell you, this guy rocked.

Mike Call did not miss one beat of the song.  Not a one.

Sure he dropped stuff while serving because he was getting shocked but he did not miss a friggin’ beat and you could see him trying to fight the shock collar.

And he didn’t make the finals.

That was a turnoff because this guy should have advanced. He would’ve aced the top spot on Killer Karaoke with Steve O

Don’t know if I’d watch Killer Karaoke with Steve O again but Mike Call if you read this, you were amazing!

 Killer Karaoke with Steve O
  • Emmy

    One of the girls I work
    with a DISH showed me a YouTube video of Mike Call’s performance the other day,
    and I totally agree with you about him nailing it! I didn’t know what the show
    was about when I watched the video either, but shortly after I figured it all
    out after watching the episode on DISH Online. I actually find the show to be
    pretty funny, so I even made sure to set it to record to my DVR from that site
    after watching the episode. It will be very interesting to see what else they
    come up with next!

    • celebrityfeast

      It was a hoot. The only thing is when I watched another episode, it was almost the same kind of stunts, which I find kind of boring,
      I guess it’s hard to come up with gross Sh– like that but I’d like to see some new ones so I will give it a try one mo’ time.

  • Melissa

    My husband works with Mike Call here in Port Hueneme CA with the dive team. I will make sure he reads this!

    • celebrityfeast

      Cool. He was awesome! Happy New Year!

    • fla

      really? is he married? please let me know, i find him so sexy and sweet!