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Kim Kardashian poses for Arab Magazine Hia

January 19, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Kim Kardashian poses for Arab Magazine Hia

Kim Kardashian poses for Arab Magazine Hia and she really looked great.

Maybe the photo stood out so much because it’s such a departure from how we usually see her.

When you hear the same Kim Kardashian – what do you think of? QUICK.

Sex tape, pregnant, self-promoter are a few words that likely crop up.

The one word that is not used to describe her is classy but really, she did look classy in this shoot.

There is downside to this photo shoot, though and it’s a very big downside.  It has to do with the oppression of women.

Kim Kardashian can try to spin it any way she wants by using her heritage as a reason for posing like this, but really that’s a bunch of bull, since she lives nothing like an oppressed Arab woman.

Arab men are not proud of someone like Kim and probably refer to her as a whore and use other very derogatory terms.  The Arab culture promotes the oppression of women. Women are under a mans control.

And she posed in a magazine, completely voluntarily, in a magazine that promotes that message.

Why Kim why? What did you do it?

For money and exposure quite likely.

Doesn’t she have enough?

There are many women who have made poor decisions that were made because the women felt they had no choice because, plain and simple, they needed the money.

But Kim doesn’t.

She could have taken the opportunity to say that she would not portray herself in a way that is derogatory to women. She could have refused to wear a veil or head covering.but she didn’t.

Instead Kim Kardashian poses for Arab Magazine Hia.

Because money and exposure and self promotion are much more important.

And that’s just sad.

But hey, another word that is not used to describe Kim Kardashian is smart.

 Kim Kardashian poses for Arab Magazine Hia
 Kim Kardashian poses for Arab Magazine Hia


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