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Kim Kardashian’s cat Mercy dies

December 08, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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kim kardashian mercy dies Kim Kardashians cat Mercy dies

Kim Kardashian with Mercy (Photo: Kim Kardashian blog)

Kim Kardashian’s cat Mercy dies

Kim Kardashian’s cat Mercy dies but it really wasn’t her cat anymore because she gave it away, claiming she was allergic to it.

Kim Kardashian was given Mercy by her boyfriend Kanye West because apparently Kimmie always wanted a white Persian cat.

She would then pose with Mercy. You know, a  great photo op.

Think about it, can you really see any of the Kardashians, with the exception of maybe Khloe and Kourtney, owning any kind of pet?

They really do not know about responsibility and it’s kind of akin to her former bff Paris Hilton who just likes to have cute fluff balls around for show and then quickly tires of them and poof they are gone,

Plus she travels a great deal so her lifestyle is simply not conducive to responsible pet ownership.

We did see a dog on the Kardashian show and then it just disappeared.

Anyway, Kim Kardashian claiming she was allergic to Mercy gave Mercy to Khloe Kardashian Odom’s assistant, Sydney Hitchcock, who had recently lost her cat after 12 years, “to make the best of a difficult situation”

Kardashian only had possession of Mercy maybe a month.

She allegedly did have an assistant fly with Mercy from Miami to L.A. and Sydney received the cat on Oct. 16.

Sydney promptly took Mercy to the vet for routine tests and the kitty seemed completely fine,

The vet said Mercy was in great shape following another exam in early November.

During the first visit, Mercy was allegedly too small to get her shots and it hasn’t been revealed if she did indeed receive her shots.

Event though kittens receive their shots at about 3-4 months, they can receive booster type intranasal shots and should have had her initial intranasal shots at the breeder.

On Nov. 26, Sydney got a call from her boyfriend to say Mercy was not moving and was rushed her to an animal hospital. Mercy had a fatal virus, and sadly had to be put to sleep..

Kim went on and on about Mercy on her blog but sorry we just don’t buy the heartbreak for the beautiful kitty that she hardly owned.

Poor little Mercy!

 Kim Kardashians cat Mercy dies