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Lindsay Lohan intervention efforts thwarted

October 21, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Lindsay Lohan intervention efforts thwarted

lindsay lohan looking horrible Lindsay Lohan intervention efforts thwarted

Lindsay Lohan is unfortunately up to her old tricks

Apparently the Lindsay Lohan intervention effort initiated by her dad was a no go and she called the cops on him.

By now it’s painfully obvious that the whole Lohan clan are a bunch of serious losers with numerous issues but it does seem that her father, Michael Lohan cares.

In addition to all of the thefts, car accidents and drug issues attributed to Lindsay Lohan, she has recently missed a post production date for her new film The Canyons, leading to speculation that she never really straightened up or, at the very least, relapsed in a big way.

Apparently her father, Michael Lohan, and his posse tried to stage a Lindsay Lohan intervention for the troubled starlet.

Daddy Lohan and crew showed up at Lindsay’s home Friday afternoon and someone claiming to be train wreck Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend would not let the men in.

That someone turned out to be Josh Chunn, a fairly nice looking fitness trainer who says he is dating Lindsay. He also says he is a good influence on her.

Wait a minute – dating! So, Lindsay Lohan switched sides again. I thought she was gay!

Michael Lohan had allegedly been in contact with Lohan’s Manager, Evan Hainey, her entertainment lawyer,and Shawn Holley, the troubled starlets criminal attorney, according to TMZ.

Apparently they all agreed that she was drugged up yet again and that an intervention was warranted so they were communicating and made a plan to confront Lindsay.

TMZ spoke to Michael Lohan and he said, not surprisingly, that his daughter is surrounding herself with a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts.

They also spoke to Josh who said that any problems Lindsay had would not be solved by her dad.

As usual the cops were involved because someone in Lohan’s residence called them.

Mama Lohan, Ali Lohan and the Lilo’s brother are all crying foul speaking out against Michael.

What a dysfunctional family!

The trainwreck’s saga continues …