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Mark Bam Bam McConnell dead

May 24, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Mark Bam Bam McConnell dead.  Mark Bam Bam McConnell who was apparently fighting for his life has died. Bam Bam who played with former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach from 1997-2005, was hospitalized in serious condition with major organs shutting down.

Earlier yesterday Bach posted this statement on his facebook page:

Everybody, please say a prayer. My friend and live drummer for years, also on ‘Bring ‘Em Bach Alive’, Mark Bam Bam McConnell is fighting for his life right now in hospital in Gainesville, Florida. Miracles can happen, though, so everyone have Bam Bam in your hearts and prayers please. He is an amazing drummer and lifelong friend. We love you, Bam Bam. You can kick this in the ass just like you play your drums!! Fight hard, buddy. We all wanna rock with you. We love ya, dude.

A few hours ago, RIP messages starting appearing on the website. Mark Bam Bam McConnell, according to information posted below, passed away in a Gainsville, FL hospital earlier today.

Erin McConnell posted the following update on Bam Bam’s faebook page,

Mark passed at 9:42 this morning surrounded by family and close friends. We will miss him…he was precious to all of us and touched all our hearts deeply and profoundly. On behalf of our family thank you to all of you for you prayers and support. We will post more info when we’ve had a chance to catch our breaths

In addition to drumming with Bach, McConnell was in Southern hard rock band Blackfoot from November 2006 to April 2007.


  • Janet

    Bam was a really great drummer, and a cool guy. I cherish my memories with him. RIP

    • Miz.Chellie

      Very very sad. How did you know him?