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Reverend Marvin Winans carjacked in Detroit

May 17, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Rev. Marvin Winans carjacked and robbed this afternoon on Detroit’s west side.

Winans, 54, lead pastor at Detroit’s Perfecting Church and a well-known gospel singer who served as the eulogist at Whitney Houston’s funeral, finished pumping gas into his luxury 2012 Infiniti SUV when a man physically assaulted him,and three other men soon joined in the attack.

Winans was not seriously injured although he suffer some scrapes.

Police described two of the suspects as black, one wearing a white T-shirt and dark jeans.

Detectives are hoping to get tips from anyone who may have witnessed the attack.

Now here’s the kicker.

Christian Post reports:

Rev. Marvin Winans reportedly has a warrant out for his arrest, days after prosecutors charged three men with robbing and carjacking the Grammy Award-winning singer.

The warrant stems from driving related offenses allegedly made by the minister, who failed to show up at a March court hearing that was scheduled after he failed to pay tickets. Winans, 54, reportedly received the tickets after he was caught driving with a suspended license and impeding traffic on different occasions.

However, Winans issued a public statement on Thursday to say he was unaware that his license was suspended.

“The traffic issues listed in driver’s record that was recently released was in the process of being handled prior to the Wednesday, May 16 incident. The proof of payment and formal letter addressing the issue was submitted,” Winans said. “I was not aware of any suspension of license due to change of address. All day-to-day correspondences are facilitated by my administrative staff. If something was a matter of great urgency they would have brought it to my attention.”

Erma Byrd, Winan’s spokeswoman, vouched for the reverend. “The issue is being addressed,” Byrd said. “A lot of that is handled by his administrative team, not by him.”

Say it ain’t so!

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