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Rihanna stops following Chris Brown on Twitter

May 11, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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According to TMZ, Rihanna is not too happy about on-again off-again bad boy beau, Chris Brown. So unhappy that ….  hold the presses … Rihanna stops following Chris Brown on Twitter.  and it was pretty obvious to all of her followers who look for this type of stuff!

Apparently Brown’s new music release, a remix of Kanye West’s TheraFlu, had some “added” lyrics that Rihanna thought were directed towards her so she stopped following Brown.  I guess he was none too happy so not to be outdone, he stopped following her.  As of this wrting, Rihanna and Chris Brown have each stopped following the other on twitter.

Were Brown’s freestyle lyrics really directed at Rihanna?  Some folks are saying that Brown was even more foul than usual because of Rihanna’s alleged hook up with Oakland Raiders star running back Darren McFadden and that she was going out of her way trying to make Chris Brown jealous. OK but wait a minute! Are we missing something?  Last we knew Brown was happily coupled up with a girlfriend named Karrueche Tran? But he’s jealous?

And all this just when we were all coming around to the idea (not acceptance mind you? that they were really made for each other!  Are they made for each other?

It’s unfortunate but anytime you hear the name Rihanna what do you first think of? Your first thought.  No – not her boobs!  Most people upon hearing Rihanna’s name automatically think back to the picture of her face that TMZ posted.  The one showing her face all bashed in after she suffered a very VERY severe beating at the hands of her then boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown.

If she has her way and put telepathic thoughts in your brain, she’s probably rather you think of her boobs first too but you know it’s the way it goes.

That picture was pretty brutal.