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Ronan Farrow undertakes complete makeover

February 14, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Is Frank Sinatra Ronan Farrow’s daddy?

Ronan Farrow sure looks a lot like Frank Sinatra.

We must admit that the “new” Ronan Farrow looks strikingly similar to pictures of a younger Sinatra.

He has those same fabulous blue eyes and chiseled features. So is he really ‘ole blue eyes son? Or has he had plastic surgery?

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One thing for sure, he has certainly had a major makeover.

If you look at earlier photos of Ronan, just a few years earlier, the resemblance is not so strong.  Before Ronan’s makeover, which appears to have included colored contact lenses and a new bleached hairstyle and possibly even some plastic surgery or botox, he was rather nondescript looking.

Allen Farrow Sinatra comparison Ronan Farrow undertakes complete makeover

Woody Allen on the right, Ronana Farrow in the middle before his recent makeover and a photo of a younger Frank Sinatra on the right. Who do you think is Ronan’s biological father? (Photos: Wikipedia, Newsbusters, The Place)

And he resembled both Woody Allen and Frank Sinatra.

When Mia Farrow first announced, during her Vanity Fair interview, that Ronan, born Satchel, might “possibly” be the son of Sinatra, the world was semi-shocked since Ronan Farrow was conceived during Mia Farrow’s relationship with Woody Allen.

The pair adopted two children together and the famed filmmaker believed that Ronan was his biological son. His only biological child.

Mia and Woody had a terrible break-up because Allen became romantically involved with Farrow’s adopted daughter, who he has been married to for 20+ years.

Some believe that Farrow has tainted her children’s view of their father and implanted false memories in their heads because she is bitter that she was dumped.

Others believe that the award film maker is nothing more than a pedophile.

As far as the Sinatra clan goes, Vanity Fair special correspondent Maureen Orth corresponded with Nancy Sinatra Jr. and asked about Ronana,  She replied in an e-mail and wrote,

He is a big part of us, and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

No DNA testing has been undertaken.

What do you think?

Does Ronan look more like Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra?

 Ronan Farrow undertakes complete makeover
  • Gay Rapist 69

    I think he looks like he has had about as much plastic surgery already as Mia

    • celebrityfeast

      Funny, She looks like she has gone under the knife quite a bit.