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Selena Gomez another beautiful and troubled starlet

February 15, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Selena Gomez hair extensions Selena Gomez another beautiful and troubled starlet

Selena Gomez (Photo: Instagram)

Selena Gomez is just one gorgeous gal who happens to look terrific in hew new hair extensions.

Marching to her own beat, she opted for longer hair, while many in Hollywood are chopping off theirs.

She has that “girl next door”  look and exudes a very sweet yet sultry look.

Based upon her looks and seemingly sweet attitude, you have to wonder why she’d be so interested in Justin Bieber.

We all know that all the Hollywood starlets, even the young ones, have a lot of help to maintain their appearance, but, it doesn’t matter because she’s gorgeous.

Trying times for Selena Gomez

It was even more surprising to hear that the 21-year-old, who is believed to be battling Lupus, had checked herself into the The Meadows treatment center in Wickenburg, Ariz., last month.

Her reps are saying that she is not battling a drug or alcohol addiction. She just needed to regroup.

If that’s they case, why not take your millions and vacation somewhere privately?

Anyway, the Meadows is a super high priced rehabilitation center in the middle of nowhere that specializes in drug and alcohol rehab.  They’ve really expanded their menu and now claim to treat a host of addictions including, love addiction, sex addiction, codependency issues and depression.

A friend recently did a stink there at $30 grand for a month. Thirty grand!

The Meadows features a “family week” as part of their treatment.  Family week consists of the person in treatment basically blaming everyone else for all of their problems.

For their $30 thousand dollars, they are encouraged to beat chairs and throw things during family week and tell their family members how much they hate them because they are the root of all of their problems. Family members are strongly encouraged to attend and get berated by the person in treatment.

It’s not known if Gomez’ family participated in her treatment plan.

Did Gomez check herself into the pricey facility to deal with her feelings for Justin Bieber?

He’s reportedly saying that he doesn’t believe that Selena Gomez suffers from emotional problems, and that her issue is that she simply drinks too much booze.

Let’s hope that she gets back on the right track.


 Selena Gomez another beautiful and troubled starlet