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Sophia Loren looks great at 77

November 30, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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sophia loren plastic surgery Sophia Loren looks great at 77

Screen siren Sophia Loren looks great at 77. She looks great and even has lines; something that today’s starlets do not have due to plastic surgery. (Photo:

Sophia Loren looks great at 77

We have not seen a pic of her in ages, until this recent photo and it’s unanimous, Sophia Loren looks great at 77.

The popular Italian actress has been in over 100 films and won two Oscars.

Some believe that Sophia Loren has had to have some type of plastic surgery.


Probably because we are so used to virtually all of the celebrities going under the knife, that it is almost foreign to believe that someone hasn’t.

There has been quite a bit of of controversy as to whether she has plastic surgery or not.

Some say she’s definitely had plastic surgery, some say she hasn’t and still others say that she needs it.

The ones that say she has definitely had plastic surgery point out her sharp jawline as a telltale sign.

Still others point to dimpling under chin, which they say is from having facelifts.

Here’s what we think.

Perhaps she had a breast augmentation but as far as having tons of plastic surgery, we’d say it’s not likely.

She has wrinkles folks.

Look at the stars of today.  From their 20′s to their 70′s, they are completely line free and have disgustingly shiny faces, which is the result of botox.

Just think Nicole Kidman.

That frozen face. So unnatural.

If you look at most of the stars of today, that’s how they look; face frozen and limited expressions.

Even the younger stars like Kim Kardashian have had oodles of plastic surgery.

Sophia Loren does not have that “look”.  She has lines!  Real lines and she can even smile.

She’s not admitting to having had any plastic surgery and told People,

I don’t believe in having work done, because then everybody looks the same.

She has a point.

Whether she has or whether she hasn’t, we think Sophia Loren looks great.


 Sophia Loren looks great at 77
 Sophia Loren looks great at 77


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    Whether she has or whether she hasn’t, we think Sophia Loren looks great.

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      We agree!