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Stacy Keibler making lots of money since break from George Clooney

August 10, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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george clooney stacy keibler golden globe awards Stacy Keibler making lots of money since break from George Clooney

(photo Just Jared)

It sure pays to go with George Clooney, even if it didn’t last.

Just ask Stacy Keibler.

Keibler a very pretty, leggy gal started getting super popular after her appearance on Season 2 of Dancing with The Stars, where she was tagged as one of the favorites to win but ended up coming in third place.

Some may remember her as Super Stacy from her WWF (now WWE) days.

What really put Keibler on the radar, though, was serving as George Clooney’s, dare we say, girlfriend.

It lasted a while and like all of the others before her, for one reason or another, it ended.

Now don’t go and feel sorry for Stacy Keibler.

Stacy Keibler making lots of money

She’s doing just fine. Better than how she was doing before dating George Clooney. Especially financially.

A few examples.

You do all know that the stars get paid to tweet, right?

That’s one of the main reasons they are on social media.

You don’t think that they simply enjoy chatting with you?  Come on now.

It’s not because they like you that they tweet, it’s because they get paid, really REALLY well.

Many celebrities don’t even tweet themselves.  They pay someone to tweet for them and then they get paid for the tweets. So really, for not doing anything, they make money. And lots of it!

Kind of sickening, huh?

Some command the big bucks while others like Stacy Keibler may have commanded about $1,000 or so a tweet.  Maybe even less.

Keibler’s overall value, due to her association with George Clooney, has risen quite a bit and she should receive about 6 grand per tweet.

And ..  Keibler’s new deal to host Supermarket Superstar, the new Lifetime competition reality show might be earning the leggy blonde a million bucks!

Not too shabby for a failed relationship.

Top designers are now after her to wear their clothes and she doesn’t have to pay a thing.

In case you didn’t know, many celebrities receive their clothes, among other things, for free. That’s because designers are almost guaranteed success ($$$) if they can convince the celebrities to wear their clothes, but it has to be the right celebrity and the right outfit.

Keibler would look fabulous in a paper bag btw.

It’s not the celebrities who line the designers pockets.  Yes, the celebrities are the ones who make a lot of money, however, it’s non-celebrity people from around the globe who run out and pay top dollar for the outfit, or a similar one by the same designer, simply because they saw on a celebrity. Remember, most times, he celebrities get theirs for free.

Many of the designers will make a number of variations of their most sought after outfits to fit all budgets and the money rolls in.

Keibler now has achieved that level of recognition to start receiving lots of free stuff.

Also, the price that she can command for promotional appearances has skyrocketed. The type of appearances when a celebrity merely has to look good in their free top designer outfit, with hair and makeup usually thrown in too,  and simply show up at an opening, kiss a baby, hold a dog, wave or say hello at a nightclub.

No wonder all the kids want to celebrities.  Wish I knew then what I know now!

With Stacy Keibler making lots of money since splitting from George Clooney, there is absolutely no reason to feel sorry for her.

She’ll  be just fine.

 Stacy Keibler making lots of money since break from George Clooney