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Tone Loc collapses on stage

June 17, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Famous in the 80’s for his Funky Cold Medina and Wild Thing, Tone Loc collapses on stage during his concert in Texas.  This is the third time that we know of, that Tone Loc has collapsed while in the midst of a concert and he also allegedly had a seizure while driving in the past.

TMZ reports that while performing Friday night at the Moody Theater in Austin, TX, Tone Loc went down.  He was helped off stage, given water, rested a bit and came out a half hour later to finish the show.  Kudos to him for trying hard not to disappoint his fans. His people blamed his collapse on stage due to the high temperature inside the venue.

Tone Loc returned to the stage and allegedly and quite bizarrely performed the same songs that he did before he collapsed on stage.

Wonder if there is some sort of underlying medical problem that Tone Loc hasn’t made public since this is his third on stage collapse? Perhaps he suffers from epilepsy or another medical disorder.

Tone Loc collapsed onstage in Florida back in 2009 and some say he suffered some type of seizure.  He was performing at the Capt’n Fun Beach Club, an outdoor venue. That collapse or as some reported, seizure, was attributed to his grueling on-the-road concert schedule.

He also collapsed on stage in Atlanta last October.  That one was attributed to the heat.

Being dehydrated can bring on seizures so Tone Loc might just be more susceptible than the rest of us and just extremely sensitive to the heat.

Tone Loc was also arrested last year in Los Angeles for suspicion of DUI since he was observed driving erratically and believe it or not, that too was attributed to a seizure.

It could be coincidental or a combination of factors but having 4 seizures (that we know of) seems a bit too coincidental.

Hopefully Tone Loc will not get behind the wheel again until he is appropriately diagnosed.  For heavens sake, get a driver!!


 Tone Loc collapses on stage