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Train wreck Lindsay Lohan arrested again

November 29, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Train wreck Lindsay Lohan arrested again

Lindsay Lohan arrested again NYC Train wreck Lindsay Lohan arrested again

The girl hiding under coat is reportedly Lindsay Lohan who has been arrested yet again. (Photo: New York Daily News)

This is not a joke folks.  Lindsay Lohan arrested again. Again!

Fresh off her flop portraying Liz Taylor in the Lifetime biopic, Liz and Dic, train wreck Lindsay Lohan has been arrested yet again.

That girl has got some rap sheet.

Lohan allegedly punched a woman, identified as Tiffany Ava Mitchell, in the face at Manhattan nightclub Avenue, located in Chelsea, at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Mitchell was sitting at a nearby table and said she was attacked by Lindsay for no reason.

The woman was not hurt and so far has not filed any charges.

Lohan attempted to leave the club with her crew and cops arrived before she could make her getaway.

The very troubled 26-year-old actress was arrested and charged with assault early Thursday morning.

She was issued a desk appearance ticket for a future unspecified date and released.

Has this girl has got nine lives or what?  She seems to skate on all her many legal troubles. And there are many!

Lindsay exited the police precinct at about 8 a.m. wearing the green dress she wore out the night before and a jacket over her head, apparently embarrassed.

She is still on probation from when she was busted on tape stealing a necklace.

Lindsay has apparently gone bi-coastal, racking up arrests in both California and New York.

She recently backed out of her interview with Barbara Walters, to promote Liz and Diz,  because she didn’t want to answer questions about her personal life and wanted to only focus on the movie.

That’s pretty difficult to do since Lindsay Lohan seems to be perpetually in trouble.

Her personal life is far more interesting than her professional one.

Off the top of your head, can you remember what she has last done professionally other than her lackluster performance in Liz and Dick.

Didn’t think so!

The only way the masses will focus on her professional life is when and if she gets it back.

With each slide backward, achieving the success she once had will be difficult.

She was charged with third degree assault which is usually not considered too serious, however since she is on probation, she may have to face the music.  Based on her past “luck” with the law, she’ll likely skate.

 Train wreck Lindsay Lohan arrested again