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Wayne Newton trial update

August 01, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Wayne Newton trial update

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Wayne Newton , better known as Mr. Las Vegas, has been in court this week.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, here is a brief synopsis of what’s going on plus a Wayne Newton trial update.

This all started back in May with Wayne Newton getting sued over plans for Shenandoah in Las Vegas.

Shenandoah, or officially “Casa de Shenandoah” is the estate in Las Vegas where Wayne has lived for many years.

It is a huge, beautiful luxurious estate though in recent years there have been allegation of the place being in disrepair.

Wayne Newton is being sued by his estranged business partner Steve Kennedy who bought the sprawling estate for $19.5 million in June 2010. they had a company together called CSD LLC.

The plan allegedly was to create an attraction in what has become known as “Graceland West”

Supposedly, the deal called for Wayne and his wife and mother to continue to live in a house on the estate. Seriously, it is extremely doubtful that Wayne would ever EVER voluntary leave Casa de Shenandoah

Then things got ugly over money of course and because Kennedy wants them out.

It looks like things are looking good for Newton at the trial.

On Monday, someone hired by Kennedy testified that he was under the impression that Wayne would remain on the property in the main house.

There was also some courthouse drama when a request by Newton’s attorney to have beefed up security in the courtroom was denied.  Wayne’s lawyer, J. Stephen Peek , feels that Kennedy has threatened him and the Newton family.

Tuesday brought another favorable ruling. The judge ruled that the horses on the estate can remain on the estate.

Kennedy’s company CSD says it can’t afford to continue paying the $37,000 monthly cost to care for the herd while the planned attraction “languishes in an unfinished state.

But the horses stay. For now at least.

Mr. Las Vegas was pleased. Talking about the courses outside of court after the ruling he said,

It’s truly one of the finest herds in the world. It took 50 years to create this herd. People come from all over the world to see them and buy them. We’re very proud of them.

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 Wayne Newton trial update
  • Papas girl

    Steve Kennedy is a PREDITORE. Sexually assaults girls young enough to be his Grandaughters. He is Sick,sad and insane. He needs to
    Leave the Newtons alone and go
    Back to the nut house! And his boss Lacy Harber needs to wake up and see Kennedy is just using him and repeatedly says he can’t stand him or his wife Dorothy. The Newtons are the good people!

  • Papas girl


  • WVF

    I am completely confused about Wayne Newton. I don’t know whether or not he is a con-man, liar, or just another psycho entertainer. In one place his estate in Las Vegas is supposed to be 40 acres, and then I saw him being interviewed by CBS and showing his house in which Newton said it was 52 acres. Did his former business partner really pay Newton $19.5 million for his estate? If anyone can clear this up, I would really appreciate it.