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What happened to Kim Kardashian’s face?

February 26, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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kim kardashian frozren face 2014 What happened to Kim Kardashians face?

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Just Jared)

What has happened to Kim Kardashian’s face, you ask?

Other than her face, she’s looking pretty good post pregnancy and has been working very hard on her bod.  Overall the results are great.

But something is wrong with Kim Kardashian‘s face.

A few times and in a few poses, she actually looked a little scary.

As of late, Kim Kardashian’s face doesn’t move, is expressionless and has that telltale sheen of . . . Botox.

That’s it. We think it’s too much Botox.

From a distance and in photos, Botox is nearly every celebrity’s bff.

It provides a smooth unlined appearance and, well, it makes people look younger.

Botox plus stage makeup will make anyone look decades younger.

But there is a downside. Botox is a toxin and it temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles.

That’s why you will notice certain celebrities, at times, look like they have frozen faces.  That’s because their face is frozen since their facial muscles are paralyzed.

God forbid, you get some bad stuff and you could end up looking like Priscilla Presley. She used to be gorgeous until her face was pretty much ruined. Once ruined like that, there’s no going back.

Even without the bad stuff once you start with the Botox and all the plastic surgery, especially at a fairly young age, you end up changing your looks over time. There’s no avoiding it. Don’t you also notice, how many celebrities, particularly female ones, start to look alike?

Kim Kardashian’s face is not only frozen, it’s different.  Check out a few photos illustrating the difference in Kim Kardashian’s face from only a few years ago.

The majority of people in the limelight get Botox.  It’s like us regular people getting manicures, but it doesn’t mean it’s good for you and when you start at 20 or 30, can you imagine what you’ll look like at 60?

Kim Kardashian’s face while attractive also looks kind of freaky and expressionless.  It will wear off,and there is one point in time during the wear off that you tend to look super great.

But it’s short lived and then more toxin has to be injected into your face.  Yuk!

 What happened to Kim Kardashians face?