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Will Chris Brown REALLY face any jail time for lying?

February 12, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Will Chris Brown REALLY face any jail time for lying?

Chris Brown is back in the spotlight but maybe not in the way he had hoped.  He allegedly falsified his records that he was performing community service, when he really wasn’t, so will Chris Brown really face any jail time for lying.

That remains to be seen but probably not. Or if he does, it will likely be a little slap.

Just a little one.

Why?  Well the offense – ya know the Rihanna beating –  happened in celebrity friendly California, where if you have the money and the fame, jail usually eludes you.

chris brown face any charges Will Chris Brown REALLY face any jail time for lying?

Chris Brown and Rihanna leaving a private post Grammy party at Supperclub after reportedly being photographed smoking weed. (Photo: TMZ)

Amazingly they are uptight, the LAPD that is, because they are claiming that the Police Chief in Richmond, Virginia, took the case from the probation department and that the community service hours actually signed off on were never performed.

Maybe they would not have cared if it was one of their own but they are reportedly pissed.

The whole situation has escalated to the point that Bryan Norwood, the Richmond Police Chief has resigned as head honcho from the force.

Here’s what TMZ had to say about Norwood’s role;

Bryan Norwood, Chief of the PD in Richmond, Virginia, was intimately involved in certifying Brown’s community service hours — hours the L.A. County D.A. claims were never performed.  Norwood was instrumental in removing Brown’s case from the Richmond Probation Dept. and placing it squarely in his hands.  Norwood also wrote a letter to the court vouching for Chris … claiming all of his community service had been performed.

The judge in the case wants Brown to verify his hours, which he probably won’t be able to do  legitimately and, if he can’t,  he could face some serious trouble.

Will Chris Brown REALLY face any jail time for lying?  Maybe. Maybe not.

Don’t you think it will be kind of difficult to prosecute Brown when the whole thing started off with extreme violence and he now walks hand-in-hand with his victim in court since they have reconciled?

Maybe Chris Brown will get inspiration from Mary Blige and use her successful tactic at deflecting blame away from herself.

Remember the Mary Blige case? Her entire team, under her leadership, was looting a charity she created and obtained loans worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that they had no intention of repaying.

Did anything happen to Blige?  Nope. At first she seemed to own up and take responsibility and then she backtracked.

She even had the audacity to say that the  bank was at fault for loaning the money to a business that clearly was not qualified to get a loan so it’s completely the banks fault and not hers at all. She basically said,

Yeah, I run the charity but I’m blameless. I just put my name on it and if anything bad happens – it wasn’t me.

So maybe Chris Brown and his team will claim that it wasn’t Brown’s fault that the Police Chief took on his case personally, vouched for him and signed off on his community service – completely skirting the issue of where he performed the community service or not.

The Global Grind is even wishing Brown good luck in the matter., proving that there are still many supporters of Chris Brown besides his girlfriend, Rihanna..

Ah – Celebrity Justice.

 Will Chris Brown REALLY face any jail time for lying?