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Zowie Bowie’s Marley Taylor gets married

July 05, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Wow this came as a surprise. Zowie Bowie’s Marley Taylor gets married.

The gorgeous 1/2 of the popular Las Vegas band, Zowie Bowie, married her new boyfriend bass player, Chris de Herrera.  Apparently during Marley’s birthday celebration in “get in touch with yourself” tranquil Sedona last week, Chris de Herrea surprised her with an engagement ring and they decided to tie the knot right then and there.

Marley used to go with Chris Phillips, the other half of Zowie Bowie.  They lived together for 6 years, worked together and performed together and they looked absolutely stunning together both on and off stage. So much so that  many of their fans and friends thought they would eventually marry.

Then they broke up when Marley hooked up with Dave Perrico, a talented trumpet player who performs weekly at the South Point.

marley taylor zowie bowie 168x300 Zowie Bowies Marley Taylor gets married

Gorgeous Marley Taylor gets married

Her fast romance with Chris de Herrera and lightening fast marriage surprised many.  Robin Leach said that many fans, upon hearing that Marley got married, thought that she and Chris Phillips got back together and tied the knot.

Chris Phillips, sounding genuinely happy for his performing partner and former love said,

“It’s quite entertaining to let everybody know now that Marley and I are never going to be a couple again, but Marley and I could not be better friends at this point. It has in fact helped our show on every level having a healthy and happy relationship”

There are a lot of people who would feel uncomfortable working on a day-to-day basis with a former flame.  It’s good to see that Marley and Chris Phillips have been able to get past their former romance and continue to deliver fantastic, high energy performances to their fans. After all, they were friends first!

Zowie Bowie will be in Scottsdale for the 4th of July holiday performing for the second year in a row at the Fairmont Princess Resort in Scottsdale.

They will then be back in Las Vegas after the 4th where you can catch their performances every Friday at the Red Rock Resort and every Saturday at The M Resort

Congrats Marley!


 Zowie Bowies Marley Taylor gets married