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Celebrity Feast, is focused on Celebrity Gossip including the latest buzz in celebrity news, rumors and opinions.  Created by a multi-site professional blogger, Celebrity Feast is quickly gaining momentum offering a valuable platform for you to advertise on and to reach a targeted audience.

Blog Advertising offers:

Targeted Advertising

Unlike many traditional advertising methods, blog advertising markets directly to a target audience with content relevant to your business. The traffic to the blog is comprised of people already interested in that content, and much more likely to click on your link, check out your business, and make purchases.

High Visibility

Blogs have the advantage of attracting a large and devoted following, drawing consistent readership on a regular basis and can provide your business a great deal of visibility, and you don’t have to rely on only the new content that bloggers post. Older posts are archived and indexed. This means that if a potential customer searches for a relevant blog post from last month, your ad may appear on that page and drive new traffic directly to your site.

In addition, as an added bonus, when you advertise with Celebrity Feast, you receive the bonus opportunity to reach an even wider audience due to the cross marketing on other related sites that we own

Advertising Opportunities

→468 x 60 headline banner←

→300 x 250 sidebar banner←

→125 x 125 banner with full site visibility←

→120 x 240 text or banner←

→160 x 600 tower banner ad←

→250 x 250 banner←

→300 x 250 footer banner←

→Full width footer banner←


—Custom sized banners available on request

—Photo placement

—Main Page sponsorship availability

—Exclusive opportunity to showcase your video content

—Full social media integration

—Monthly newsletter

—Author’s posts are automatically posted to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

—Early adopter have the opportunity to renew at discounted rates.

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