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February 03, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Perez Hilton dishes up the juiciest celebrity gossip on all your favorite stars, from Justin Bieber to Kim Kardashian. Are you up-to-date on Hollywood's latest scandal?!

Jelena Lives On! You'll Never Believe What Photo Justin Bieber Just Posted!

Perez Hilton

Justin Bieber isn't shy about his everlasting love for Selena Gomez! The pop divo couldn't even wait until Throwback Thursday yesterday to post an ultra sentimental snap of him and his on-again off-again GF on the beach in 2012. Is Bieby still trying to win back her affections OR is he just looking back at [...]

Ellen DeGeneres Premiered A New Clip From Game Of Thrones - And She Was In It! You Don't Want To Miss This LOL-Filled Scene!

Perez Hilton

Who knew Joffrey could smile this much? LOLz!! Ellen DeGeneres recently had a special "appearance" on Game of Thrones that she admitted was pretty "hush, hush" but she debuted the clip on her show and it is HIGHlarious! Granted the clip isn't ACTUALLY from the show, but it's still pretty AH-MAZE anyway! Ch-ch-check out Ellen [...]

Justin Bieber Detained For Questioning At LAX!!! Get Deets On His Two-Hour Interrogation HERE!!!

Perez Hilton

Ruh-roh! Justin Bieber flew from Tokyo to LAX today, but U.S. officials aren't exactly welcoming him with open arms! Sources and eyewitnesses say U.S. Customs officials detained him shortly after arrival on Air Singapore and they've been questioning the 20-year-old Canadian for well over two hours inside one of the terminals!! Whoa! Is this bad news for Biebsy!? We [...]

Lily Allen's Sheezus Search Engine SLAMS Beyoncé & Cheryl Cole! Queen Bey Won't Be Happy To Hear This Diss!

Perez Hilton

Ugh! We thought the oppressed majority was supposed to stick together! We love Lily Allen, but it seems like homegurl has taken a shine to taking potshots at females in her industry! The title of her scandalous new video Sheezus might be a nod to Kanye West, but, as we already told you, the song throws shade [...]

Happy Birthday, Barbra Streisand! Here Are 10 Exceptional Covers Of Her Most Classic Songs!

Perez Hilton

Barbra Streisand turns 72 today and this woman has had nothing but a GREAT big impact to the music and Broadway world. The original Funny Girl star has contributed many classic songs that we still listen to and enjoy today! She should probably also thank Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele for introducing her famous songs to the [...]

Jennifer Aniston Cries Salty Tears Of Sadness With Anna Kendrick On Railroad Tracks! See The Cray Cray Cake Pics HERE!

Perez Hilton

Aww, why so serious, gurl? Cameras caught Jennifer Aniston filming a scene for her intense new film Cake on Wednesday, but the former Friends star was a train wreck, so to speak! She was a heaping mess of salty tears! Thankfully, her homegurl Anna Kendrick was there to pick up the pieces! Speaking of pieces, the scene took [...]

Birdy May Tell Us Her Song Is Not About Angels, But Her Voice Certainly Sounds Angelic! Listen To The GORGEOUS Song HERE!!

Perez Hilton

So haunting! So beautiful! We're OBSESSED! We were SOOO excited when Birdy was announced as one of the artists on the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack because her vocals are brilliant! And now that we've heard the song we're even more impressed with her! The song is perfect, the vocals are gorgeous, and the tone of [...]

The Superficial - Because You're Ugly

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The Crap We Missed – Thursday 4.24.14

Photo Boy

Welcome to Thursday’s The Crap We Missed, your last one for the week as I take the reigns tomorrow while Fish embarks on his annual trek into the heart of dixie and no, that’s not why I have “dixie” written on all my underwear, that’s just a coincidence. Anyway, today we learned that Mike Myers Read More ...

Jennette McCurdy’s Boobs’ Owner Seems Sad

The Superficial

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about Jennette McCurdy(‘s leaked photos SEO SEO no whammy!), so here she is looking sad and chesty thanks to Nickelodeon probably canceling her show. As to why any of this is important, did you see when I wrote the word chesty? That meant look at her boobs (and Read More ...

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Probably Faked An Affair To Land Their Reality Show

The Superficial

“Just keep chewing, and they’ll all think your husband’s penis was in another vagina. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, everything’s normal, except for the fact that you’re eating- OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING?!” While it may seem like Jezebal and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, there are times when Read More ...

Justin Bieber Banged Kylie Jenner

The Superficial

Earlier in the week, Selena Gomez stopped following Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram which, let’s be honest, was probably the most earth-shattering news ever reported on this site. I heard somebody died just reading it. Except now we know the reason for that, so all of us can finally sleep at night without doing Read More ...

Churches Need To Shut Up About Gay Marriage ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So

The Superficial

Months ago on his podcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin blasted churches for trying to ban gay marriage which clearly doesn’t sit right with him (above), but apparently nobody heard it until yesterday and immediately made up for it by making it go viral as shit. So here’s Stone Cold going right the fuck off on Read More ...

Katherine Webb’s Replacing Maria Menounos? BLASPHEMY

The Superficial

Here’s Katherine Webb on the set of Extra where she’ll supposedly be replacing Maria Menounos despite the fact her ass didn’t make me pour steaming hot coffee on my crotch while saying, “Hooooooooooooooooooly shit.” I just assumed that was the job description. Photos: Fame/Flynet, Phamous/AKM-GSI, Splash News, WENNRead More ...

Good Morning, Kimberley Garner, And Other News

The Superficial

- Oh, yeah, this is going to make George Clooney jealous. Totally foolproof. - Iggy Azalea would prefer not to be fingered while she’s crowdsurfing. - Chivettes Bored At Work - Of course Sean Hannity is egging on the shitheads in Nevada. - The next vagina you touch Read More ...

 Latest Celebrity Gossip


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