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February 03, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Perez Hilton dishes up the juiciest celebrity gossip on all your favorite stars, from Justin Bieber to Kim Kardashian. Are you up-to-date on Hollywood's latest scandal?!

Richard Gere And Padma Lakshmi's May-December Romance Still Going Strong!

Perez Hilton

Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi could obviously care less about their thirty year age difference! The 64-year-old Richard and 43-year-old Padma were spotted on a romantical dinner date in New Jersey and according to a source, the pair looked quite cozy:“They kept to themselves, but they looked like a couple. She was giving him design tips."Based [...]

Ed Sheeran Transforms To Ed Sizzle For His Don't Remix Featuring Rick Ross! Listen NOW!

Perez Hilton

Dearest Edward, we knew you had edge!! Ed Sheeran just dropped his Don't remix featuring rapper Rick Ross… And we're totally obsessed with the scorned sound! If the song wasn't sassy enough before, the dream team of Rick and Ed Sizzle (Mr. Sheeran's newly anointed rap name) slay the sound with expletives and swaggy flavor! Listen to the remixed [...]

Is Kendall Jenner Trying To Make Up For That Money Throwing Incident… By Throwing Money At The Problem??

Perez Hilton

Kendall Jenner is NOT happy about the story of her dining and dashing! After a New York City waitress claimed that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star skipped out on her bill and then threw money in her face after being chased down, Kendall has been on a mission to make it go away. First she [...]

Lauren Conrad Got Her Wedding Glam On This Weekend!

Perez Hilton

Here comes the bride bridesmaid! You may have thought it was time for Lauren Conrad's Pinterest-y nuptials to her beau William Tell… But LC was on bridesmaids duty for her longtime friend Maura McManus' wedding in Ojai, California over the weekend — AND looking flawless, might we add. In a mini Laguna Beach reunion of sorts, Lauren was [...]

Ian Somerhalder Is REALLY Happy With Nikki Reed & He's Not Afraid To Show It With Some MAJOR PDA!!

Perez Hilton

We just CAN'T with this! The love is too STRONG! Ian Somerhalder and his totally likely girlfriend Nikki Reed were spotted having a ball together at the Studio City farmers market and they were NOT shy about showing off their love! Their adorable outing came just one day after the Vampire Diaries star bragged about his [...]

J.K. Rowling Wrote A Brand New Harry Potter Story! A Treat For The Eyes — And EARS! (Yes, There's Music Involved!)

Perez Hilton

J.K. Rowling may be moving on, but it seems she'll always keep a toe in the Harry Potter universe! Her most recent short story is a biography of Celestina Warbeck, the "Singing Sorceress" who is mentioned in passing in the original books. J.K. says: "Celestina Warbeck is one of my favourite 'off-stage' characters in the Harry Potter [...]

Mariah Carey Announces The Elusive Chanteuse Show World Tour! And New Music As Well?!

Perez Hilton

She's hitting the road and singing her heart out!! After the debut of her latest collection of songs, Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, Mariah Carey knew she had to celebrate the success of her most personal album yet — with a world tour!! The Elusive Chanteuse Show will be Lady M's return to the stage [...]

The Superficial - Because You're Ugly

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The Crap We Missed – Monday 8.18.14

Photo Boy

Welcome to Monday’s The Crap We Missed where I’m going to get right into it today, because holy shit is this thing full of some fuckery. We’ve got Gerard Butler and Mel Gibson having a nice chat over lunch that Fish and I are entirely convinced is just them shouting “BLOW ME!” and “PORT-A-POTTY!” back Read More ...

Bertney Gets Back To Work

The Superficial

Bertney Gets Back To Work A Jump Into Reading! Story For Summer Super Kids Bertney had an extra fun summer vacation this year. She got to visit The Cheesecake Factory, get Boto-tox, and try on fancy britches that looked purty as pie when the nerdy man made pictures in the ‘puter box. “Hows comes y’all Read More ...

Nina Agdal’s In A Bikini, Everybody Shut Up

The Superficial

There’ve been a lot of words written on the site today, too many if I’m being frank, that have nothing to do with Nina Agdal in a bikini, so honestly it’s a miracle the Earth hasn’t spun off its axis and careened into the sun yet. You’re lucky I got here just in time. Photos: Read More ...

Demi Moore Gave Rumer Willis A Gun Cake

The Superficial

Apparently, everyone’s supposed to lose their shit over Demi Moore giving Rumer Willis a gun cake for her 26th birthday even though it’s supposedly a callback to her photo shoot with Tyler Shields. I’m a wiener-bitch liberal when it comes to guns, and even I don’t see the problem here. Not to mention, Demi’s one Read More ...

Jenny McCarthy’s Breasts And, I Dunno, Something About Creative Arts

The Superficial

The Creative Arts Emmys were yesterday and honored hard-working, dedicated individuals who diligently work behind-the-scenes to create all the shows we can’t shut up about. Except none of those people have huge, fake breasts, so here’s Jenny McCarthy. Which is a shame because she’s killed people. Kids are dead because of her, and yet her Read More ...

Justin Timberlake Called Madonna ‘My Ninja’ On Twitter, Is In Some Shit

The Superficial

To celebrate the ancient day when dark forces penetrated this realm, manifesting themselves into the physical form we now know as Madonna, mortal slave to the bone hands, Justin Timberlake took to Twitter where he proclaimed the following message to all the land. Via ONTD: A HAPPIEST of Bdays to my mother chucking ninja, @Madonna!! Read More ...

The Police Caught War Machine Without Dog The Bounty Hunter? Impossible

The Superficial

You can shoot an unarmed black kid six times in this country without most people batting an eye, but you’ll be goddamned if you beat the shit out of a porn star because we need them to jerk off. So after an intensive manhunt, US Marshals have finally arrested MMA fighter War Machine who’s apparently Read More ...