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Will Lindsay docu-series last?

March 25, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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lindsay lohan lindsay show Will Lindsay docu series last?

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Is there a future for the Lindsay docu-series?

Troubled actress Linsday Lohan who has been described as a “train wreck” over the past few years is back in the spotlight with her Lindsay docu-series.

Some think that Lindsay Lohan, who has been in and out rehab and already boasts a substantial criminal record, has not changed at all.

The $2 million golden opportunity extended by Oprah for the Lindsay docu-series could be just what Lohan needs to really get her career back on track but it seems that Lohan’s selfishness might derail her.

Instead of being appreciative of the opportunity before her, the Lindsay docu-series portrays Lohan as a spoiled brat who is nasty to those around her and doesn’t want to adhere to a filming schedule.

Oprah threatens to pull plug on Lindsay docu-series

When voicing her displeasure of having to actually adhere to a schedule (FOR FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS) she had the audacity to say that she just through the cameras would be there and basically didn’t realize that she would have to do anything like be on a schedule as apart of the Lindsay docu-series.

You know that’s a complete lie.  Unless Lindsay Lohan is brain-damaged from all of her drug use, she knows full well from her background that cameras do not magically appear. And she also knows that it takes a large staff of personnel to make it all happen and that when doesn’t want to film because she just doesn’t feel like it that it affects many people.

Oprah had a chat with her and, even though  the conversation was a bit padded to interest viewers, she truly seemed ready to pull the plug if Lindsay is unable or unwilling to meet her commitments.

Lindsay quickly backed down and mama Dina Lohan, who is dealing with her own demons, stood silently nearby and did not interfere.

Amazingly Lindsay Lohan recently spent time with medial mogul Ariana Huffington.

What do these high-powered woman see in her other than dollar signs?

Oprah said that everyone warned her about the problems that would plaque the Lindsay docu-series.

 Will Lindsay docu series last?