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Lindsay Lohan admitted drinking on Lindsay docu-series

April 07, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Lindsay Lohan Lindsay show Lindsay Lohan admitted drinking on Lindsay docu series

(Photo: OWN)

On episode 5 of the Lindsay docu-series, the very troubled, nasty and uncaring Lindsay Lohan admitted drinking last month.  Is that really a big surprise?

Lindsay Lohan is not sober. It’s very obvious.  She want’s to sleep all day and doesn’t want the cameras around. What is surprising is that Oprah did not mandate drug and alcohol testing before agreeing to pay her at least $2 million.

When Lindsay Lohan admitted drinking while talking on the Lindsay docu-series she even shed some tears but remember the gal is, or was, an actress and a master manipulator.

The only reason Lindsay is taking part in the Lindsay docu-series is for money and she wants to do as little possible to get it. So far she’s making out quite well with a terrific apartment and the show notifies the media where she will be so she can stay relevant in the media for awhile longer.

It’s hard to believe that she is still in her 20’s since she looks worn and much, much older.

Oprah spoke to her before the series began and spoke to her again on camera because the train wreck is not meeting her demands. And it didn’t help at all. Not one bit.

Lindsay Lohan admitted drinking

It’s almost comical that Lohan’s credit cards were declined while trying to make a purchase in Soho for a $300 purchase. She claims poverty but it’s a very different kind of poverty that the average American.  She has an enormous truckload of items that she can sell and can raise literally tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Lindsay Lohan is just a spoiled druggie brat who only keeps her staff around for as long as they agree with her unconditionally. Once they question her –  they are gone.

Even after her second talk with Oprah, she took off to Los Angeles for an entire week, ditched her advisors/handlers/babysitters and woke up at noon for a 12:30 p.m. meeting with a Sony executive so she royally blew that opportunity.

She claims she called and rescheduled but the damage is done.  Who paid for her getting to LA? Who paid for her meals and accommodations and partying while she was there?

Oprah just might pull the plug on the drug addicted, obnoxious diva wannabe, and if she does Lindsay Lohan’s declining career will be setback even further.

The show’s a joke.

 Lindsay Lohan admitted drinking on Lindsay docu series