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Michael Strahan enjoys new career success, is there a dark side?

April 08, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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michael strahan big smile Michael Strahan enjoys new career success, is there a dark side?Michael Strahan seems to be having a great year.

Since he’s joined Live with Kelly and Michael the ultra charismatic NFL Hall of famer and former Giants defensive has become a household name, even for non-sports fans. The gap-toothed morning show host sure has a full plate and recently confirmed that he is joining the Today show on a part-time basis.

That’s in addition to serving as a football analyst on the Fox NFL Sunday show.

His easy banter with Kelly Ripa has endeared him into the hearts of American woman.

So we have to ask – is there a dark side to Michael Strahan?

We know he’s been married twice and it’s no secret that his second wife received a huge settlement. She went from meeting him in a spa to a divorced multimillionaire, Strahan is a proud papa to four children, two from each marriage, and seems like a great guy.

At least from afar.

His latest romance is with Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy.

They’ve been together for years and are engaged to be married.  Murphy has five kids which is a lot of baggage. She’s extremely attractive with a killer bod, and before all of her plastic surgery was devastatingly gorgeous. One thing is for sure –  she has certainly managed to snag Strahan, although they have not yet wed.

She actually has a real talent for snagging mega-wealthy men. Even while with hall of famer Murphy was reportedly cheating on him with another mega rich guyUniversal Records exec Demetrius Spencer.

Strahan could have moved on with almost any woman but instead he put GPS tracking on Murphy’s car, busted her and then the duo picked up the pieces. The system was so advanced that Strahan could lock Murphy out of the car whenever he wanted with the push of a button.

Usually when a guy is so jealous and insecure it’s because they are the ones hiding something.

His ex-wife said that Michael Strahan tapped the phone of her New Jersey mansion and installed a hidden camera so that he could film her sister undressing. She also said he was a serial cheater and that he beat her.

Is Strahan’s personal relationship as strong as his career?

Only time will tell.


 Michael Strahan enjoys new career success, is there a dark side?