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Lindsay Lohan shows her true colors on Lindsay docu-series

April 14, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Lindsay Lohan Elle Indonesia Cover Lindsay Lohan shows her true colors on Lindsay docu seriesThe Lindsay docu-series starring the wannabe comeback kid Lindsay Lohan portrays Lohan as an ungrateful  and nasty individual.

Sunday’s episode of the Lohan docu-series  showed the same old stuff we are accustomed to.

You know,

Lindsay Lohan is late.

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t want to film.

Lindsay Lohan messes up other peoples schedules.

Lindsay Lohan wants to do as little as possible.

And, of course we get to hear Lohan whine.

She’d really help herself by getting her “high” horse.

After screwing with the folks at Elle Indonesia for days she refused to partake in the 20 to 30 minute interview because she wanted to go out with her friends.

Because of all the delays, that were her fault, during the shoot there was not natural light so Lindsay Lohan did have a good suggestion.

She suggested they finish the shoot outdoors.

Once outdoors a photog from TMZ was there and she freaked out and wanted her personal assistant to grab the camera.


First of all she is in the public eye and it goes with the territory but, more importantly, she might be better served if she was a bit more friendly with the paparazzi. And she certainly should have let her fan take a photo of her. She needs some good press.

She even tried to take credit as a stylist on her many shoots.  That’s just laughable!

And what’s with the bit about her cry-babying every single time she is in the car. If you wanna be a star, certain things go with the territory.

If you hate the press and your fans so much then go be a stylist for others.

It’s obvious that Lohan only took the Lohan docu-series gig for money and really that’s the only reason she’s in the business.  She treats her fans, or what’s left of her fan base,  like dirt and simply doesn’t want to be bothered.

It’s not a very attractive attitude for any celeb, and it is extremely distasteful to see a washed-up has been like Lohan who is being provided with a golden opportunity for a comeback to snub her nose at anyone.

But there is still hope. Once she completely “blows” her mainstream opportunity she could have a decent career in porn.  Her bod is still good and they really don’t care too much about the face.

Oprah must be cringing.

 Lindsay Lohan shows her true colors on Lindsay docu series