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Tatyana Ali cries three times day

January 20, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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 Tatyana Ali cries three times day

Tatyana Ali cries three times day

Did you hear that Tatyana Ali cries three times day?

She says that crying is her work-out.  It reduces bloating.  Well  – uh OK.

Do you know who Tatyana Ali is?

Although she might not be front page news, she’s had a really good career.

Her big break came on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  She had plenty on her resume before that but the role on Fresh Prince really got her noticed.

She played the role of Ashley Banks, the little cutie who worked at the Dippity Dog fast food joint before becoming a model and singer. Sort of mirrored her real life.

She is a successful actress and singer and is gorgeous.

Tatyana Ali as Ashley Banks Tatyana Ali cries three times day

Tatyana Ali in her role as Ashley Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.(Photo:

Well, for whatever reasons, Tatyana had decided to reveal a little too much information.

Probably because she is set to star in BET’s Second Generation Wayans comedy.

In Tatyana’s recent interview with the Huffington Post, she made a few eye-brow raising admissions, much more interesting than crying three times a day as a workout.

Like her admission that one of her guiltiest pleasure’s is one-night stands.


The question and answer that I liked best was this,

If you were on a reality show, what would it be called?
“Dirty Laundry,” or “I Love Drake!” — in which I stalk him on tour and try to make him realize we’re meant to be together. God, I love his voice.

She was very open, honest and quick-witted. You can catch up on the entire interview at the Huffington Post.

Should be a hoot to see her on the Second Generations Wayans, although I am not sure if the second generation can live up to the first.

 Tatyana Ali cries three times day