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Aubrey O’Day exudes cattiness on Celebrity Apprentice

March 17, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Aubrey O’Day exudes cattiness on Celebrity Apprentice .  It seems like Arsenio Hall sure got it right when he said, “She’s so self-righteous. No wonder Diddy fired her.”.

Aubrey even seemed to irritate the ‘unflappable” Donald Trump with her incessant, self-serving, righteous chatter. I was half expecting him to tell her to put a lid on it. Could you imagine her working as part of a really professional team? NOT!

Many times when a person strikes out that is because of their own issues whether it is self esteem issues or insecurity.  It can also simply be signs of a mean spirited, jealous type of person. When Diddy fired her, he referred to his distaste for the person she had become.

Aubrey O’Day appears to be attempting to use the Celebrity Apprentice platform much in the same fashion, she used the Making The Band and depending on who you speak with, that really didn’t turn out as she intended.  She’s trying very hard to claw her way back into the music industry as a “respected” person.  It’s akin to the old cliche’ that, “money doesn’t buy class”.  In her case, it should be, “having some creativity won’t help if you’re simply a mean spirited, jealous witch with an overly inflated sense of self-worth”

Although Aubrey O’Day is certainly not just another “dumb blonde” …. I mean redhead, it’s her air of superiority and nasty comments such as , “Sometimes when you’re beige paint, you have to own that you’re beige paint.” as well as her childish attacks against Tia Carrere that help facility the “dumb blonde” stereotype, make her unlikeable and serve as source of embarrassment (and the butt of many jokes)  to ethical, professional level women.  She’s certainly not someone you’d want your daughters to emulate.

 Aubrey ODay exudes cattiness on Celebrity Apprentice