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Bobbi Kristina shows off her adopted step-brother boyfriend

May 23, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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The Houston’s got some weird stuff going on relating to relatives. I don’t know if they are just weird or are just all trying to make money off of the late great Whitney’s death.  At the Billboard Music Awards, Bobbi Kristina shows off her adopted step-brother boyfriend.  She definitely made a show of it and wanted him to be seen.

Here’s some weird stuff – Gary Houston, who is not really a Houston at all, apparently changed his surname to Houston over the past few years.  and Gary now a “Houston” , but not a Houston, is married to Pat who now too goes by Pat Houston. Gary’s Mom is Whitney’s mom Cissy Houston and Gary Garland was the son she had from her first marriage with Freddy Garland.

Pat Houston has managed to totally take advantage of Whitney’s death big time by signing on for a realty show starring HER family.  Yes, you heard that right HER family.  And now, at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM in Las Vegas, Bobbi Kristina shows off her adopted step-brother boyfriend, sitting side by side with him at the event. Pat Houston, allegedly got in to a pissing match about Ray J but we hear she backed down.  I’d say it’s a little late for that type of concern – wouldn’t you?

Well, while Bobbi Kristina shows off her adopted step-brother boyfriend to the world, some were curious about him.  His name is Nick Gordon and he was “unofficially” adopted by Whitney many years ago. Shortly after Whitney’s death, people began to realize that they were dating.  You know, like when we all saw the photo of them kissing. I mean they are “technically” not related just as Gary Houston is “technically” not a Houston.

He also escorted Bobbi Kristina to the stage to accept the award given posthumously to her mother, the late great Whitney Houston.

Maybe Nick is a nice guy or maybe Pat and Nick should get together?