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Gigolos’ Steven Gantt arrested in Las Vegas

September 03, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Steven Gantt arrested in Las Vegas

gigolo mugshot Gigolos Steven Gantt arrested in Las Vegas

Steve Gantt mugshot (mugshot photo: TMZ)

Gigolos’ Steven Gantt arrested in Las Vegas.

TMZ broke the news of his arrest.

Gantt was obviously have a good old time at the Thursday night premier viewing party for Gigolos’,and he was pulled over just before 2am Friday for speeding.

The party was held at Vince Neil’s Girls, Girls, Girls located inside of Déjà Vu Gentlemen’s Club

Las Vegas Metro Police ran a check, just routine, and up came info on an Open and Gross Lewdness warrant against the Gigolos’ star which is why he was arrested

Gantt is a real life male escort on Showtimes’ Gigolos’, one of five on the show who practice their “craft” in Las Vegas.

Only a few weeks back Gantt was partying with Prince Harry, who had his own mini scandal while playing strip billiards so could it be related to that?

What is this whole Open and Gross Lewdness about?

No details available yet however Open and Gross Lewdness and Nevada Law is pretty broad.

300px Pee Wee Herman %281988%29 Gigolos Steven Gantt arrested in Las Vegas

“Pee-Wee Herman” Paul Reubens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It could be something as innocuous as being drunk and urinating in public (hey, it happens) or it could be along the lines of a Pee Wee Herman type of incident. The difference with Open and Gross Lewdness and an outright sexual assault is that the former does not include penetration.

In Las Vegas, a lot of the Open and Gross Lewdness charges stem from folks having way too much to drink and are inappropriately touching others in public like in a nightclub. It could also include a nonconsensual sexual encounter that could not be defined as rape.

Technically, we’ve been told that you could be subject to a Open and Gross Lewdness charge if you were heavily making out with someone in public view.

Gantt has since been released.

Don’t mess with the Vegas cops – trust me on that.  This ain’t Celebrity haven California

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 Gigolos Steven Gantt arrested in Las Vegas