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Kirstie Alley sued because weight loss product doesn’t work

July 26, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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300px KirstieAlley1994 Kirstie Alley sued because weight loss product doesnt work

Kirstie Alley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kirstie Alley sued for false advertising


The former “Cheers” star who was most recently in the public eye for her stint for losing so much weight during her run with Dancing with the Stars, developed a product called Organic Liason that is supposed to help you naturally lose weight. Someone is claiming that’s just ain’t so!

According to the Organic Liason website where she hawks her product,

The Organic Liaison program is a fresh approach to losing weight. Kirstie Alley gathered the best scientific minds to create a real plan that you can follow. We give you the customized tools, resources and support to help you lose weight, feel great, and win your personal Body Game. Learn, have fun, and count on Organic Liaison for a natural, healthy, and real solution to easy weight loss and long-term control.

Yeah right! Let me digress a little here.  Would you believe Kirstie Alley? Seriously, would you? Her weight has been so up and down over the years – mostly up that it would be impossible for her to have lost all that weight without getting a bunch of plastic surgery – she’d have fat hanging down to her ankles! Or is wearing quadruple Spanx. Did you see her in her “Mumu” on “Fat Actress”?


Plus she hawks some adult diaper (Poise) product that is just so very tacky.

Let’s face it she’s no Jennifer Hudson. Hudson is believable as the spokesperson for weight watchers. Kirstie Alley is simply not believable.

75px Jennifer Hudson crop Kirstie Alley sued because weight loss product doesnt work

Jennifer Hudson, a believable weight loss spokesperson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I see her on TV in the stupid commercial for adult diapers, I’m embarrassed for her. I think to myself, “Shes a product whore who will hawk anything for a buck”. I bet other feel the same too.

Now a lawsuit is being filed by Marina Abramyan who claims that Alley engaged in “nothing more than a healthy deception.”

You don’t say! Personally I find the lawsuit ridiculous – – no offense Marina but do you believe in the fairy godmother too?

Do you really think that you are going take some pills and hocus pocus you are going to lose weight. Look we all want to lose weight but get real.

She’s hoping other will join her in the lawsuit.


Chellie’s proposal


For all you others considering buying the starter product for $50 – I’ve got a proposition for you.

Since I’m a victim of the economy who lost my job and a super struggling out of work blogger, feel free to donate $50 bucks to the Chellie out of work fund.

Any one that donates to the fund will receive ,upon request, a thoughtful, personalized help guide to assist you in your quest to lose weight.

There’s no pills, bs or promises of any kind made by this author. If you want to lose 100lbs, it will take hard work. Sorry guys, but there’s no major pill or oils or chanting or anything like that.

I do believe that if you are committed and willing to make some changes to your diet and include some exercise that you will be well on your way . Seriously, just contact me and me a little about yourself and your lifestyle.  (For example any medical problems, how much you weigh & how much weight you want to lose,  your current , if any, exercise regimen, and some detail as to what foods you eat daily and what foods you hate. Don’t forget to tell me your age and enclose an email address.)

Wouldn’t you rather help a real person out, rather than line a millionaire’s pockets!

With kirstie Alley sued, do you think she’ll stop hawking her product or will she continue smiling all the way to the bank?

 Kirstie Alley sued because weight loss product doesnt work