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Miss USA is Miss Universe; why isn’t it plastered all over the place?

January 02, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Olivia Culpo miss universe Miss USA is Miss Universe; why isnt it plastered all over the place?Miss USA is Miss Universe

Miss USA is Miss Universe so why hasn’t that achievement been plastered all over the place.

It’s a huge milestone.

Of course times have changed and the pageant will never be what it once was, however, to have someone from the USA be crowed Miss Universe is really significant.

it hasn’t happened in since 1997 when Brook Lee won was crowned and, although she has been in the press, I am surprised at the lack of attention overall her win has received.

Olivia Culpo is an absolutely gorgeous 20 year old Boston University Sophomore who reigned victorious over 88 other beauty queens at the Planet Hollywood casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

She’s also an accomplished cellist.

She took the title from outgoing champion Leila Lopes of Angola.

olivia culpo crowned miss rhode island Miss USA is Miss Universe; why isnt it plastered all over the place?What’s nice about Olivia’s victory is that she is not a practiced “pageant-girl”. You know those women, with the pushy mothers, who have been in the pageant circuit since they were little kids and have all of the moves perfected.

in addition to her beauty, one of the reason that she likely outshone all of the other candidates is because of her “genuine-ness”.

No fake smile for Olivia. She came across as a real person who is not totally plastic.

What a welcome relief!

Olivia Culpo miss usa Miss USA is Miss Universe; why isnt it plastered all over the place?She didn’t even enter a pageant until she was 19, remember she’s only 20 now.

She became Miss Rhode island in 2011 and then Olivia Culpo went on to win Miss USA in June of this year and then last month, the gal who has only been in pageants just about a year, nailed Miss Universe.

That must be driving the practiced pageant gals crazy with jealousy!

Oliva won her Miss Rhode Island crown wearing a $20 rented dress with a hole in it!

During the Miss Universe competition, she even tripped, but recovered quickly.

Goes to show you that there are still people our there that like real women and Olivia Culpo is real!

She will be taking a year off from Boston University while fulfilling her duties as Miss Universe.

From Miss Rhode Island to Miss USA and now the Miss USA is a Miss Universe.

Way to go, Olivia Culpo!

 Miss USA is Miss Universe; why isnt it plastered all over the place?