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Rosie Perez discusses Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez Feud

February 19, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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There’s some bad blood between Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez that’s been bubbling under the surface for years and the Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez is still going strong.

Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez feud Rosie Perez discusses Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez Feud

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Seems like a long, long time since JLo was a Fly Girl and it was. The show ran from 1990 to 1994. Perez was the choreographer for the first four seasons and Lopez joined the dance troupe in the third season.

In Perez’s memoir, Handbook For An Unpredictable Life, we got a sneak peak at the some of the juicy bits, compliments of the New York Post.

Seems that Perez is claiming credit for getting the now megastar hired. Keenan Ivory Wayans had said that he knew Lopez had star potential, but Perez said he called her, “Chubby and corny.”

Rosie Perez says the other dancers didn’t like JLo and her diva attitude but Perez thought they were just jealous and didn’t pay much attention to it.  Until she claims she witnessed the behavior herself.

She says Jennifer Lopez dropped her, “sweet girl act,” and turned into a “ghetto biotch.”

Perez claims that after they parted ways that JLo would not let it go.

She says she thought things were OK, but after Jennifer Lopez hit it big she was still making disparaging remarks about her. Perez said,

I’d thought we were cool. I called her up. She wouldn’t pick up. Frustrated, I left her an irate message on her answering machine. Instead of calling me back and hashing it out like friends do, she went on a major talk show and reiterated my lashing

And then, according to Perez’ memoir, “Jennifer came over to me, smiling, saying hello as if nothing had happened. I should’ve let it go, played it off, too. Instead, I killed her with my biting tongue.”

Even after all the years, the Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez is still going strong because both, according to the National Enquirer, want the film rights to the story Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina on the Supreme Court.

 Rosie Perez discusses Rosie Perez Jennifer Lopez Feud