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Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles dating

November 17, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles dating

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Taylor Swift and One Directions Harry Styles dating


After it didn’t work out with a Kennedy, she didn’t waste any time.  Taylor has a new boyfriend due jour. Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles are dating.

Taylor has evolved from the quiet shy girl, into a little tiger.

She’s tried really, REALLY, hard to sink her teeth in Connor Kennedy so that she could be a part of the Kennedy Clan.

Much as we like her, we can’t help but wonder why she is so darn insecure.

The girls got everything going for her.

Or so it seems.  Except love.

Taylor Swift’s relationships have been, shall we say, short lived.

They sure help her career, though, since she writes about the failed relationships and turns the failures into hit songs. Time and time again.

Even though she reportedly plucked down megabucks for a home near the Kennedy compound, she had to kiss her dreams of becoming a Kennedy woman goodbye.

So Taylor Swift was available again. But not for long.

She recently appeared on the X Factor and Mario Lopez confirmed that it looks like Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles are dating.

Lopez said that noticed Harry Styles hanging around and, being curious, as to what he was doing there, he went over and asked him.

He told Perez Hilton that he said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And he sort of pointed toward Taylor. And then I see the two walking off hand in hand. So Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction are officially hanging out, I can say that much.”

Well at least Taylor Swift will have no shortage of music material.

She’s developing a penchant for the younger guys. Any bets on how long it will last?