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Angus T Jones should just shut-up already and leave

November 27, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Angus T Jones should just shut-up already and leave

300px AngusTJonesHWOFSept2011 Angus T Jones should just shut up already and leave

Angus T. Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently he has found God and have been trashing hit show Two and a Half Men. Why doesn’t Angus T Jones just shut-up already and leave?

We at Celebrity Feast respect everyone’s religion and think it’s great that he found God, however his actions are really quite uncalled for.

What is particularly unsettling though is that he is, in essence, biting the hands that feeds him.

Let’s see here – You’re working on a hit show making oodles and oodles of money and have the audacity to go off on a rant like that.

I am out of work and struggling big time with my blog AND looking for a job to make ends meat , which is not easy. And there are many others like me.

That makes it really infuriating that Angus T Jones in encouraging others to not watch the show and, in essence, attempting to make it fail, placing a lot of people’s jobs in jeopardy.

That’s not nice and certainly doesn’t come across as very “God-like”

He’s no Charlie Sheen!  In case you don’t know, Charlie Sheen takes VERY good care of the people around him.

What should Angus T Jones do?

I’m glad you asked. That’s easy.

Angus T Jones should just shut-up already and leave.

He should have talked to network execs beforehand about some type of graceful departure but it’s too late for that now.

But there’s still hope.  Here’s what Angus can do now,

What Angus T Jones should do – 3 easy steps

  1. He can turn over all his millions to me, because after all, he certainly should not keep all his money from the “filth” of a show (his words) that he is now renouncing.
  2. Better yet, he can turn over the salary proceeds of one episode to me, which is $350,000, and spread the wealth around by helping others, which would be more “God-like”.
  3. Then he should renounce all of his other possessions attained because of Two and a Half Men and travel around telling the world his views.


It’s simply, he just needs to follow the 3 steps above.

His actions are friggin’ disgusting!

There should be a clause in his contract about disparaging the show and hopefully the network execs will act upon it.

Angus T Jones should just shut-up already and leave the show.

Come on now, give yourself a true chance of redemption!

 Angus T Jones should just shut up already and leave