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Aubrey O’Day brings her dogs on plane by claiming emotional issues

June 26, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Aubrey O’Day brings her dogs on plane by claiming emotional issues. By “on plane” what I mean is that these dogs did not have to be placed in the baggage area.  They were allowed to be in the first class cabin with her.  I also say “claiming” emotional issues because in case, you didn’t know, ANYONE can can make a claim for an emotional support animal. And O’Day doesn’t come across as the most honest person.

A Virgin Atlantic rep told TMZ that Aubrey O’Day was cleared to bring her 2 dogs on-board and sit with her in first class because they are so-called “Emotional Support  Animals”

These are the same dogs that Aubrey O’Day brought with her last week to Rehab at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas where she earned money by being the guest hostess.  Her “job” consisted of locking lips with a female in the pool for cameras, of course, and rolling around with a few guys.  Oh, and tweeting about it.

Aubrey O Day with Dogs 209x300 Aubrey ODay brings her dogs on plane by claiming emotional issues

Emotional issues? Reeks of bs

Her dogs were with her and she dressed them in bikinis.  Poor dogs!

Do you know how easy it is to get a letter claiming dogs are “emotional support animals”?  It is VERY easy.  There are a ton of sites on the internet that walk you through it.

Register My Service Animal is one.  NSAR – National Service Animal registry is another.

Now, I’d like to believe that both of these organizations, and the countless others, truly aim to provide a legitimate service.  Emotional support animals are different that service animals.  The emotional support animals provide emotional support to someone that legitimately needs it and it is a right protected under federal law.

The problem is people like Aubrey O’Day who exploit loopholes in the law just because they “want” to take their pets with them on a plane or in a hotel room.  In a previous post I likened her to her former BFF Paris Hilton who changed dogs like she changes men.  Both these gals should be banned from pet ownership!

All someone has to do is get a letter of prescription from a licensed mental health professional. and then register the animals with one of the many services.  In fact, on NSAR’s site, they provide resources of Doctors that will provide this – in case your own Doctor won’t give you a letter.

Think about it – Did you see Aubrey O’Day hanging on to her dogs for dear life while she created havoc on Celebrity Apprentice?  Nope.  Not even once.

What about when she threw her crying fit – definitely a time when one would need “emotional support”, right?  Did you see the pooches then?  Of course not.

This smells of BS and Aubrey O’Day should be ashamed of herself. But I think she is too full of herself to be ashamed.  Another Entitlement Curse Inductee.

How low can the disgraced former Danity Kane singer go?

I did contact the Hard Rock to asked them if her dogs stayed with her in the room as “emotional support animals” and also asked them about their general pet policy since most major  Las Vegas hotel and casino do not allow pets. The Hard Rock has not responded yet.

 Aubrey ODay brings her dogs on plane by claiming emotional issues