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Bad Boy Chris Brown Loyal video released while he’s in jail

March 25, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Ah, must be nice to have the piles of money that some of these celebrities have.  The Chris Brown Loyal video was released while he’s in jail.

The Chris Brown Loyal video is actually pretty entertaining although not musically spectacular.

It’s kind of getting old. Just another thug type of video glamorizing drugs and portraying women in a derogatory light.

Chris Brown is an awesome dancer and there were some good moves from Brown and crew,

Even though he’s behind bars he went ahead anyhow with the release and it’s sure to be a hit.

Brown’s had quite a few issues throughout the years and can’t seem to stay out of trouble, but we hear he’s got an angle.

Chris Brown is supposed to remain behind bars until his next court appearance on April 23 unless some legal finagling by Chris Brown’s team is successful.

Word is he is going to try to use some of his mega dollars to buy off the guy who’s nose he broke.

His attorney is supposedly already in negotiations with the man’s team and you know that, for the right price, nearly anyone can be bought. Especially if it’s a few hundred thousand dollars which may be chump change to Chris but life changing for the guy with the broken nose.

At least that’s what Brown is hoping for.

And if the charges get dropped then Chris’s team will move to spring him.

He is supposedly not too happy being locked up for his probation violation and is reportedly telling others that he feels like a caged animal.

He also said being locked up was his “scared-straight” moment and that he doesn’t want to lead that type of life style.


Do you think Brown will do any serious time or will his piles of cash enable him to receive celebrity justice?

 Bad Boy Chris Brown Loyal video released while hes in jail