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Carrie Ann Inaba not engaged anymore

September 12, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Carrie Ann Inaba not engaged anymore

107x150 Carrie Ann Inaba not engaged anymore

Carrie Ann Inaba and Jesse Sloan (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Aww. Carrie Ann Inaba is not engaged anymore to Jesse Sloan.

And just when we thought it may have been the real thing, Carrie Ann Inaba the hostess with a heart who sheds real tears when moved by a performance on dancing with the Stars has announced that the engagement is over.

A representative for Inaba told Access Hollywood,

They decided early in the summer to break off their engagement and have remained friends

Carrie Ann Inaba and Jesse Sloan had announced their engagement in March of 2011 and it was announced in a very public way.

Jesse Sloan, an accountant, famously proposed to the Dancing With the Stars Judge on Live! With Regis and Kelly back in March 2011.

102x150 Carrie Ann Inaba not engaged anymore

Carrie Ann Inaba California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Inaba has even admitted to trying to have a baby with him shortly after their engagement.

Carrie Ann Inaba pretty down to earth and was very forthright in admitting that she met  what she thought was her future hubby to be on eHarmony.

Yes, eHarmony, some stars use them too!

Apparently, Carrie Ann Inaba was having a  bit of a hard time finding guy in her own age bracket, so she figured she’d turn to eHarmony in hopes of landing a more age appropriate beau.

The 44 year old Inaba who still maintains a great dancers body said that she was dating “all these younger guys” and thought it was time to maybe find a guy more her age,

 Carrie Ann Inaba not engaged anymore

Sexy Leather available here (Image credit: Ann Demeulemeester)

She says that she created a profile and kept her real identify a secret, not even posting a photo, and being very aggressive and upfront in stating what she wanted.

Some of her requirements including someone who was sexy and someone that Inaba was attracted to.

Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out – it happens.

Don’t ya just kind of think of Inaba as more of a red hot “Sugar Mama anyhow?


 Carrie Ann Inaba not engaged anymore