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Caspar Smart now going by “Beau”

May 28, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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What’s the deal with Jennifer Lopez‘ boy-toy, Caspar Smart  now going by “Beau”? I’m telling his website says Beau.

I thought Caspar was his name. Or at least the stage name he officially  goes by. Didn’t you?

300px JenniferLopez Caspar Smart now going by Beau

Jennifer Lopez. One hot sugar mama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, if you check out his website, he is now going by Beau “Caspar” Smart.  And interestingly enough, he is also seeking new representation.  Yes, it sure helps to have a very powerful and rich  and hot I may add sugar mama like Jennifer Lopez.  Shoot,  I guess the 10 grand a week he receives from his sugar mama, Jennifer Lopez,  is just not enough! Damn, that a half a million a year!

Reportedly his $10,000 a week allowance is largely spent on stuff for the two lovebirds.  Like you know, dinner,miscellaneous tips, you know things like that.  It was reportedly a bit bothersome for Jennifer Lopez to have to keep pulling out her wallet or credit cards so she just figured it would be easier to give Caspar Smart an allowance. Plus I would say it would help to save him from kidn of being embarrased that Jennifer lopez was always pulling out the cash. Pretty smart actually.

But back to the caspar going as Beau. Caspar advertises himself as Beau?  Why? Could that REALLY be his first name? Even if it is, why the hell would you want to use it on your website? And even if by chance it is his real name, it sure seems kind of odd that he is suddenly using it now Don;t you think?

Maybe more like a play on him being the “beau” or boy-toy of Jlo.  Maybe it’s just good marketing. Maybe Caspar Smart and Jennifer Lopez get a grand ole’ kick out of it while he is paying for their dinner with her money.  Who knows?

Just saying….

 Caspar Smart now going by Beau