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Jennifer Lopez tour rider demands

May 28, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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By Hollywood standards, Jennifer Lopez seems like a more grounded Diva.  Her older backstage tour riders called for just about everything to be white.  White drapes, white linens, white tables, white couches, white lilies and white roses were among her demands.

Of course that was then. 10 years to be exact.  Before Jennifer Lopez topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Before she has a young hot boyfriend named Caspar Smart. Before she rented out part of a public beach for her family along with much younger paramour Smart. And before she started shelling out a reported 10 grand a week to keep her boy toy interested.

Imagine that, he reportedly gets paid $10,000 grand a week to be her boyfriend.  Jeez. You know how many guys would jump at that. Jlo apparently doesn’t like to be alone and she’s have no issue finding a guy anywhere young or old or maybe her age but I’d say it’s a lot easier when you have the upper hand.

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With American Idol on hiatus and numerous projects and tours in the fire for Lopez, will Jlo’s demands stay the same or become move Diva-ish? Will she require “buckets of condoms” like  Rihanna does or perhaps mirror Lady Gaga’s demands of,  “Paranormal investigators to hunt spirits” Will Caspar Smart get it on the act and add some of his “provisions”? Does he really even have that kind of input or influence into Jennifer Lopez’ career or is his function more as the arm candy boyfriend.

I think he likes it because the last I checked his site which was as I’m writing this he goes by Beau Caspar Smart. He should drop the “beau” ya know.

With Lopez’ earning power in the stratosphere as well as her busy touring schedule many are wondering if she will even return to American Idol next season and if Jennifer Lopez tour rider demands have completely changed on her most recent tour,