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Dial A Star debuts and features B and C listers

March 22, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Dial A Star debuts and features B and C listers such as Dina Lohan, her former hubby Mike Lohan, Tila Tequila, Rachel Uchitel and some other “stars”.

99x150 Dial A Star debuts and features B and C listers

Dina Lohan Is Sial A Star a family affair? (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Remember when the porn chat rooms were all the rage.  Men mostly would spend their hard earned dollars talking and grunting to what they thought were “hot babes”  in however many times they were talking to the person they thought they were.

Dial A Star has revived that format and, on the high end, you can talk to Dina Lohan, the wonderful mother of train wreck, thief and druggie all rolled into one Lindsay Lohan.

But wait don’t spend your money yet, you can Dial A Star and talk to Rachel Uchitel for $20 a minute.  For what to get tips on how to screw Tiger Woods.  Or get screwed!  Isn’t taht the gal who returned most of her 10 million dollar hush money to Tiger Woods thinking she was gonna be a big star.  Yeah, I am so big I’m on Dial a prom – er I mean Dial A Start.

If that’s too much on your wallet, Kayleigh Scott  charges only $10 a minute. On the Wendy Williams show, the Dial A Star per minute fee for Lohan was quoted at $25 however on the Dial A Star site, the rate as of this writing, according to the website is $20 so Dina and Rachel are the top of the line and I don;t quite think that’s saying too much.

Now wait a minute! Is this a Lohan backed endeavor?  Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan and Kate Majors are all on the roster for Dial A Star. Makes you wonder. And kinda want to puke!

Wendy Williams called Dina this morning and Dina cooed, “You’re not getting crazy people”.  She also gave a shout out to Wendy on twitter “Love you Wendy Williams xo”

 Dial A Star debuts and features B and C listers