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Donald Trump rewards bus driver for heroic actions, gives $10K

November 03, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Donald Trump rewards bus driver with $10,000 gift

Business mogul Donald Trump rewarded the heroic actions of a Buffalo bus driver, credited with saving a woman’s life, with a very generous gift.

On Thursday, Trump posted his intentions on twitter

The bus driver he was referring to is Darnell Barton.

The 37-year-old  Buffalo bus driver was having  just a regular, run-of-the-mill normal day at work  on Oct. 18 when he spotted a lone woman standing on the edge of an expressway overpass.

He asked her if she needed any help and she did not answer him.

Sensing that she was possibly suicidal, Barton immediately notified the bus dispatcher of the situation and got off the bus.

He approached the woman and was able to get her attention away from what she was thinking of doing.

Barton said ,” I kind of lunged and got my left arm around her body,” according to The Buffalo News.

He continued to speak gently to the woman and can be seen on videotape helping her over the guardrail to safety.

Other Good Samaritans who were driving behind the bus that Barton was driving also stopped to assist.

The hero bus driver continued to stay with the woman speaking to her until help arrived.

He never let go of her and gently guided her to sit down on the floor.

Barton displayed enormous compassion and humanity.

He received a standing ovation from the bus passengers, all high school students who watched the scene unfold and the heroic rescue, after the woman was safe and he re-entered the bus to continue his route.

Trump told WGRZ-TV that he would formally offer the money to Barton on Monday.

Who said nice guys finish last!

 Donald Trump rewards bus driver for heroic actions, gives $10K