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Justin Bieber in Brazil: brothels, bottles and a bad attitude

November 03, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Justin Bieber has only been in Brazil for a few days and has already visited a brothel, walked off the stage after a bottle was thrown as him and got booted from the hotel he was staying at.

On Friday, Bieber and a friend visited the Centauros brothel, in Rio de Janeiro.

The Centauros is known for having gorgeous, exotic women that some describe as “mind-boggling”.

Apparently spending three hours at the brothel was not enough.  He was enjoying himself so much that he wanted to take the women with him.

So he did.

Covered up in bed sheets and escorted by his bodyguards, the New York Post reports that there was no hiding it was Bieber.  Photographers say they recognized his wrist tattoo, his bodyguards and his sneakers.

Justin Bieber leaving Brothel Justin Bieber in Brazil: brothels, bottles and a bad attitude

(Photo: AKM-GSI via NY Post)

The ‘escorts”, who appeared half dressed and also covered in bed sheets, were piled into another car and taken back to the hotel.

He has since left the hotel.  Some say he was kicked out for his wild antics and others say he he left voluntarily due to security issues.

On Saturday, Bieber arrived more than an hour late at the Arena Anhembi in San Paolo while fans waited.

Then he ended the concert early and stomped off stage during the last set because someone threw a water bottle at the stage and it hit the microphone, knocking it right out of his hand.

Also, fans who paid big bucks for a private meet and greet with the singer were left waiting hours for him to finally arrive.

Fans said he just walked off the stage even though the were calling for him to sing his most famous hit Baby.

The lights came on and Biebers team starting removing their equipment.

Justin Bieber likes paying for the “ladies”

Bieber is enjoying his lifestyle to the fullest.

Least month the singer was at VLive, an alcohol-free strip club in Houston throwing his money around.

In Touch reports that he spend $10,000 in under 90 minutes and a stripper named Destiny claims she made $7 grand that night off of The Biebs.

Some of his fans are starting to get fed up with his antics.

Bieber just started the Brazil leg of his worldwide tour.

 Justin Bieber in Brazil: brothels, bottles and a bad attitude