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Jenna Jameson officially charged with DUI from May crash

June 25, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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After being arrested last month, word comes from TMZ that porn legend Jenna Jameson officially charged with DUI of drugs and alcohol from her May crash.

The former porn star was held by police after crashing her car into a lamppost in Orange County, California.  At the time of her arrest, she failed the field sobriety test and was held for misdemeanor suspicion of DUI.

With Jenna Jameson officially charged with DUI from the May crash in the celebrity friendly state of California, it is highly likely that nothing at all will happen to her. Perhaps they will make her pay for the damage she did  to the light pole when she smashed in to it.

Jenna Jameson has been in and out (no pun intended) of the news for years.  At one point, she was very frail and ill looking and announced that she quit the porn business.  I think what she really means is that she is no longer making porn movies dong the deed with random men.

I mean she still has Club Jenna an explicit site and still promotes her videos.  It’s an adult entertainment company that she co-founded in 2000. So although we all refer to her as a former queen, I think it is much more accurate to say that she still is in the porn business and she has really just diversified because she’s older now.  She’s still making mega dollars though because we all know that sex sells and will continue to sell.

She’s a smart cookie in that aspect.  Why venture off into some totally uncharted territory when she knows the adult business so very well.  It actually makes a lot of sense.

She does though appear to be having issues, possibly related to her past.  With Jenna Jameson officially charged with DUI hopefully she can take stock, recover and get though it all.

 Jenna Jameson officially charged with DUI from May crash