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Kanye West can’t fill seats for his tour

December 09, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Kanye West (Photo credit: NRK P3)

We told you last month that Kanye West was rearranging his tour dates because of lagging ticket sales.

Sure, there were ridiculous stories floating around about a much needed 60 foot LCD that he could not do without, but that was just a smokescreen.

The truth is that last week at the Kansas City Sprint Center, only 4,500 or so of the total seats at the venue were filled.

Just 4,500 seats out of a total of 19,000 seats were filled with concert goers who wanted to see Kanye West.

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Imagine that.

That’s less than 25% and you also to figure in that a number of those seats were “comped”, so the true amount of sales is quite dismal.

Why the poor turnout?

It could be because of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, however, that is not too likely since Kanye West has had problems in the past filling up venues.

Truthfully, with the addition of their adorable baby Nori, he actually comes across as very slightly more likable.

After all, he doesn’t make money off of selling Nori’s photos (like Kim would love to do) and that’s admirable.

The reason that Kanye West cannot fill seats to capacity on his tour is more likely along the lines that people are a bit sick of him and his entitlement attitude.

You know the whole ridiculous Yeezus bit, the arrogance, the self-proclaimed genius.

The list goes on and on.

For his extravagant engagement to Kardashian, he quite rudely didn’t extend an invite to Bruce Jenner and his son.

He dissed President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Plain and simple he comes across as obnoxious and has the attitude that he is so much better than everyone else – especially the commoners who pay money to see him perform and buy his records.

The fans are the ones who “make” the celebrities and it seems that the fans, or lack thereof, are making a statement, albeit it may be a bit too late because he’s got tons of money and won’t be out on the street anytime soon.

Still, it makes an impact and a very strong statement.

Some people, like George Clooney, can recover after alienating people.

Clooney used to be real nasty to the press and when they cut him out and refused to take his pic, he made a point of cultivating them and now they have a closerthanthis relationship.

Of course Kanye West is no match for George Clooney in the “class” department or otherwise, but the point is that George Clooney got the message and remedied the situation.

Kanye West just doesn’t seem to get it.

On his Tampa leg of the concert, he freaked out onstage and then stomped off, furthering endearing him to the masses – – – NOT.

Check it out,

 Kanye West cant fill seats for his tour